Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We just got a letter! We just got a letter!

Thank you sooo very much to everyone who has sent a letter or card to our boys. Look at their loot! They get so excited every time there is something in the mail for them. And every single letter that mentions E's upcoming surgery helps him (I believe). He has received some pretty creative words and photos to help ease his anxiety about the scary mask. I'm impressed!

Wait, those look like scary masks!

That's right, they are masks. Our friend, who happens to be a "scary" doctor, and her husband sent the following book and accompanying masks to Elijah. This was super creative and thoughtful and just about made me cry. 

Tonight while the boys were taking a bath, Elijah said, "Oh! Mom! The masks! Z said to play with them in the tub, so will you get them?" It's a step! Maybe?

Although he still typically makes this face when the mask is in his hand.

Thank you for the love!


jencooper said...

THAT IS AWESOME!! What an amazing idea!!

Cecilia said...

Ohhh so sweet!