Monday, July 1, 2013


These two cute boys had an awesome weekend. We celebrated a very good friend's birthday and Elijah was on cloud nine about the bouncy house and kiddie pools and ice cream. Sammy loved the ice cream, too. 

We made it to the pool today and had a super fun time. Elijah of course experienced pure bliss. He LOVES being in the water. It took me two hours to talk Sammy into getting into the water. Once he got in, he adored it.

I shed a few tears behind my sunglasses at the pool today. Elijah has such tormented interactions with other boys his age. I can always see exactly what's going on, while he becomes confused and starts talking gibberish. The other boys become confused, too, when he doesn't respond the way they anticipate. Today a boy his age approached him and Elijah actually looked at me and said, "WOW!" Most boys his age do not give him the time of day due to his gross motor disadvantage. :( This boy kept urging him to come and be crazy and swim with him! Well... E just can't! He physically just cannot do it. So he turned back toward me and looked at me like, "MOM! What do I do?!" The boy came up to him and started saying things that did not make sense to Elijah. He was talking about venom and antidotes and concepts Elijah has never considered. Elijah was confused. Then.....the boy looked long and hard at E's scar. He stopped and stared for a long time. Then he looked at me. And swam away. And never came back. :(

Elijah doesn't yet understand that his scar, and that the MEANING of his awesome scar differentiates him from his peers. In one way I love this and in another way I hate this. I want him to know that he is just as awesome and cool as his peers, but I also want him to know that he has such amazing strength! It's difficult to explain.

This is a huge reason why we are going on our summer road trip. We will be connecting with families in a way that only heart families understand. We cannot wait for our big trip. We'll be leaving a week from tomorrow!

We have a busy week ahead, preparing for our big trip plus dealing with "normal" life details and planning ahead, as well. It will all get done! Right?! Have a great week, everyone!


Amy Anderson Maifeld said...

We know exactly what you mean. It's hard to watch when Wilson can't relate to other kids. Yes, yes, come visit us, you are not alone!

We can't wait to see you.

Amy, Mitch and Wilson

dxeechick said...

oh this made me cry too!! stevie is only 2 and 1/2 and i already see the effects of him being so different from his peers. it worries me so much as he gets older. god bless these kids. glad you get to go and be around some families who can relate.

Sarah said...

Can't wait for our visit!!!

Tiffers said...


This story touches me. These are the feelings I have for both of my children. Harrison's were to be expected, but the older one we didn't expect it. As for many kids, healthy or challenged, socialization is so tough. It breaks my heart to see my healthy 12 year old alone in a swimming pool and no one asking him to swim. The difference between the boys is Harrison is intellectually disabled and will probably never catch on to how kids treat him; however, his older bro has the ability to know when kids are being mean.

I think this is harder to watch than handing over Harrison to Dr. Moga.

Can't wait to meet you and your sweet boys.