Thursday, March 13, 2014

Croup: Season 4, Round 1 (Samson)

I feel like we have a couple of newborns in our house. Dan and I and the boys are all so ridiculously sleep-deprived I feel like we're all going a bit insane! To top it off, like a few rotten cherries on a melted sundae, Elijah has been showing interest in getting through the night without using a diaper. He has a goal in mind (President Business lego toy) and he is striving for it. We've told him that if he can keep a diaper totally dry through the night....he shall have whatever toy he wants. This has been seven years in the making!

This is all great and wonderful, but it coincides with trying to get him to SLEEP! He has been waking up in the wee morning hours to go potty, and then staying up for the remainder of the morning. He has been making slight progress in the potty realm, but the sleep keeps taking hits which affects so many other things. We are still finding our way with so many things.

Around 3:00 this morning, I heard the familiar stridor over the monitor. I ran into the boys' room and ran straight to Elijah by default. He said, "It's Sammy, Mom! Not me!" I went to Sam's bed and grabbed him, brought him to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Being the independent little Sammy that he is, he would NOT sit on my lap and would only sit on his little red stool. After ten minutes of steamed-bathroom time, I brought him back to bed with Dan and me which is a huge treat.

The ONLY time we allow the boys in bed with us is when they are sick. Sammy was so super cute, wrapping his cute little arms around my neck. Occasionally he would lean up and give me a big smooch on my shoulder and say, "I LOVE YOU" in a whisper. He melts my heart!

We made it through the rest of the morning with little sleep all around, but at least we all got some LOVE! At around 4:30, Elijah called Dan into his room to ask if he could join our bed with Sammy to "play." Um, NO! :)

Elijah was sent home early from school today due to an upset tummy. Both boys are a bit under the weather, and they both went to bed super early tonight. We're hoping for a turnaround tomorrow!

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