Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Sammy funnies and a sleep/school update

Since I'm on a roll with Sammy funnies, I'll share a conversation that took place today in the car on the way to the grocery store. Sammy said to me out of the blue, "Eventually we are going to have to flush Elijah down the toilet, Mom." As far as I know, that was his first time using the word "eventually," which I found to be hilarious in itself, and he follows it with that?! I died laughing! Which inevitably was followed by, "DON'T LAUGH! I'm NOT cute!" Of course not [giggle giggle]!

Quick update on Elijah's sleeping. We've been slowly increasing his dose of "magic sleep medicine" over the past 9ish days and if anything, his behavior has gotten worse by a few degrees. He has still been waking up between 3:00-4:00ish every morning. I feel in my gut like we need to weather the meds for a bit longer. We'll see what the next week brings, along with a slight increase in dosage. I have no idea what our next step will be if this is a total failure.

Three-quarter days at school are going okay. Honestly, I think even this is a bit much for Elijah, but jeez. We need to get him back to school full-time at some point! We never know how exactly to decipher notes from his teacher because she tends to be so black and white, and having very little grace. So we never know if "needed several reminders to stay on task" along with a :/ face is something to be concerned about. If I wrote those words about him, it would be a great day! So we really never know how to appropriately follow through. I'm so done with first grade and so ready for second grade. 

We do try so hard to stay focused on the blessings amidst this challenging school year. We are SO grateful for his excellent academics. I can't imagine throwing difficulties in that area into the mix! Yikes! We are grateful for the people in his life who love him and who make an effort to understand him. The lady at the front desk who exchanges jokes with him daily. His special ed case manager who makes a sincere effort to understand what he needs in order to be successful in the classroom. His sweet bus drivers who greet him and say goodbye to him every day with total happiness and sincerity. There ARE many wonderful people surrounding him!

Since I started with a Sammy funny, I'll end with one, too!

Instead of "Pirates of the Caribbean," Sammy says, "Pirates of the Accordian." :)

Thanks for checking in! Wishing you all a great rest of your week!

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