Monday, March 10, 2014

My adorable and wonderful little Sammy!

I worry sometimes that our littlest cutie feels, or will eventually feel, a bit left out. We spend so much time and energy trying to help Elijah out, whether it be emotionally or medically or physically or behaviorally. There are so many times when we reward Elijah for doing things that Sammy does with ease, and therefore Sammy misses out on being rewarded. Especially for the past 6-9 months or so, SO MUCH of my thinking and efforts have revolved around Elijah's well-being. Dan and I do our best to let Sammy know that we love him just as much! We love this little boy so much! He is an integral part of our family and it would not be complete without him.

Sammy is such an awesome little person. He is SUPER funny and smart. He makes us all laugh constantly with his silly words and sounds and jokes and dances and songs. He is the best snuggler and asks me for "suggles" at least 10 times a day. He has a fierce independence that I've truly never seen to such an extreme degree in another person on this planet. He is shy, although he's becoming much more adventurous when it comes to interacting with people. He loves being at home in the comfort of his family and does not enjoy exploring new places unless we are with him. He loves his family, especially his big bro, more than anything in the world, aside from maybe his blankie and Cowwy. :)

I'll share some recent Sammy funnies, that I hope will make you smile!

bundled up = "bungled up"

The other night after I had put him to bed, he called me back into his room and said, "Mommy, I'm worried about Farky (Sparky, his puppy stuffed animal). He needs to be in my pile of animals!" I told him Sparky was downstairs and he said, "Fine fine fine. Will you please go suggle wif him, then?"

Another night after putting him to bed, he called me back in to say, "Mommy, I fink you are REALLY fun!" :)

non-fiction = "long fiction"

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs = "Cloudy with a Chance of NEATballs"

He says things to me all the time like, "No hugs or kisses or rubs. Just suggles!" I'll say, "Yeah, I don't want hugs or kisses anyway," and he'll say, "But...but WHY?!" and then I will be clobbered with Sammy love.

He will say to me, "Ask me, 'Who are you here to see?'" So I'll say, "Sammy, who are you here to see?" Tonight's response was, "I'm here to see YOU (pointing at me) and I'm here to SUGGLE!"

He likes to unzip his footie jammies down to his belly button and pretend like he's pulling something out and then zip them back up. As he hands me a pretend something, he'll say, "Here's a CARROT for you!" or "Here's a KISS!"

Sammy has always had super sensitive eyes. If he's tired or if the sun is shining in them, they will itch like crazy. A few months ago we were in the car and he was rubbing his eyes so hard they were starting to hurt, so out of desperation I handed him a mitten that was sitting next to me and told him it was magic. "If you hold it up to your eye, it will feel better!" It worked! Since then, he has latched onto a "magic towel" (an old burp rag, nice) and he won't go anywhere without it. He sleeps with it and brings it downstairs with him every morning. Occasionally in the middle of the night we will hear, "WHERE IS MY MAGIC TOWEL?!" so Dan and I will find ourselves desperately feeling around his bed and floor in the dark on our hands and knees trying to find that stupid thing.

If I look tired or rub my eyes, Sammy will ask me if I'd like to borrow his magic towel. The other day he made this offer and I said, "That is so nice of you! Will you go get it for me?" As he ran off, he yelled over his shoulder, "SURE! It's just a matter of time!"

One of the cutest things about Sammy is the way he pulls his pants way up over his shirt after he goes potty. For some reason I love this. :)

When my sister was at our house for Elijah's birthday party, she said, "Hi Sammy! How are you doing?" He looked at her and said super seriously, "NOT FOR SALE."

After I tried to give him a hug and kiss at bedtime, he said, "You can hug me but you CAN'T kiss me!" "WHY?!" "Because it's too late! When the sun comes up you can try again."

He does this thing where he puts his hands on his cheeks and pushes them way up toward his eyes and says, "This is SQUOOSHY!" Then he'll pull them way down toward the bottom of his face and say, "This is STRETCHY!"

We saw a scene on tv the other day that was gorgeous. Someone was boating through a peaceful river between mountains and blue sky. Sammy stared intently and turned to me and said, "That's the happiest place I've never seen! It makes me FILE (smile)!"

I always tell the boys to stop growing up and that I want them to stay little forever. Sammy said to me the other day, super defiantly, "I'm going to grow up TOO FAST!"

A random Sammy quote: "Mom, do you know what kind of a mom you are? A FABULOUS one!"

Any question that requires a number for an answer is, "seventeen." If I say, "Five minutes till bedtime!" Sammy says, "No, SEVENTEEN minutes!" "You can have one more cookie" gets the response, "No, SEVENTEEN more cookies!"

The boys and I play a game that involves them putting me to bed, reading me a book, singing me a song and turning off the light. The game is great until they wake me up. :) While playing "sleep" one day while Elijah was at school, Sammy tucked me in and said, "Good night, little kid. Get to sleep, would-ja?!"

There are other things about him I could share, but so many of them are hard to explain unless you know him. The way he sticks out and shakes his belly when he tries to get us all to laugh. His little lisp that makes my heart melt. The gallop-jump he does when he's excited. The way he giggles and smiles when he is genuinely happy. The way his forehead crinkles when he is concerned about something. His tiny, cute little arms and hands. The way he says Elijah's name when he's mad at him. His cute little deep voice. The way he squeezes my arm and says, "IT'S SO FLUFFY!" The impressive way he remembers movie lines and delivers them impeccably (and constantly). The way he runs to me screaming my name with happy excitement as if we haven't seen each other in ten years every time we are "reunited" (after spending an hour away from each other). The way he says, "It's LOST LOST LOST!" when he loses a toy. The way he refuses to eat dinner almost every single night, only because it was our idea and we set it before him. And then the way he wants to constantly snack and how he sneaks things from the pantry between meals he refuses to eat. The way he replaces SP or SM with F in almost every instance (spoon=foon, special=fecial, spooky=fooky smelly=felly). The way he runs really fast in open areas and says, "I'm so FEEDY!" The way he says, "I need some PRIBACY!" as he closes the bathroom door behind him. The way he snuggles so comfortably into my body when I wake him up from a nap and sit with him in the blue chair. The way he says, "Mommy? I lllove you."

I love this boy! Sammy, my life would not be complete without you!

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