Thursday, February 4, 2010

21 weeks, 6 days

Last one from this series of photos..

I'm still trying to cough up both of my lungs. I think Not-Zooter is wondering what is causing all of the earthquakes.

Speaking of the baby, I asked Elijah again the other day what we should name his little brother and AGAIN he replied, "Zooter!" I guess he has his mind set on it. :)

Elijah has been so full of imagination lately. This is something that is pretty new, and it is really fun. I heard him calling out for Randall the Monster (from Monsters Inc.) in our laundry room the other day. And for the past week or so we have heard the funniest/cutest conversations coming from his bedroom before he falls asleep at night. He sings songs, talks to people, talks to himself, repeats lines from his favorite books. I just sit and smile at it all. I love that kid.

Bed rest is getting a little bit less tearful. Every time I start to get upset I think about the little person in my tummy and how he NEEDS this right now. Soon this chapter will be behind us and I will be so glad I listened to the doctor. I started doing some work from home this week and strangely, it has been good for me. It's a nice diversion and gives me a sense of normalcy. One of the things I have felt bad about lately is inconveniencing my employer and coworkers, so being able to do some work takes a little bit of that burden away. And again, I have to focus on the baby. Everything goes back to him right now.

Contractions are still doing ok (5-8 per day) as long as I am taking it easy. Dan is still willingly coming home to me. Elijah is enjoying his days at daycare with his girls Molly and Paige. The baby is still kicking and enduring all of my coughing. And right now it is 2:00 so that means it's time for ice cream!


The Smith's said...

I loved this post, Megan. I love seeing how God (with our willingness) can start to change our outlooks.

You are such a great example of letting God work through you and show Himself!

We, too, are starting to see imagination play from Luke and it is the BEST! Sometimes I'll ask him what he said and he'll tell me, "No, mama. I'm just talking with myself." I sure wish these boys could play together!

Keep up the good work keeping that baby boy growing! We are praying for you!


Tracy said...

You're doing so great ... hang in there! xo

Cecilia said...

You are such a strong Mama, you'll be fine, Megan.

Sending our love and blessings your way! xoxo