Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three weeks down

Here are some of Dan's creative photos, taken of my couch-resting. :)

Notice the gray hairs?

Today marks three weeks of bed rest! For the most part I have gotten over feeling sorry for myself. It has been easy to fall into that when I spend the majority of each day alone. I am almost at viability (24 weeks), so that helps to lift my spirits immensely!

Elijah's third birthday is this coming Saturday, the 20th. I have a lot of emotions wrapped up in that, including: How will I manage having a (very small) party for him and make his day as special as possible but still lie on the couch? How is it possible that three years have passed since this amazing little boy was born? Turning three equals PRESCHOOL NEXT WEEK, which makes for a very worried mama. See? Overthinking everything!

Elijah has been extra snuggly this week and he hasn't wanted to leave for daycare in the mornings. :( I LOVE the extra snuggles I have been getting, but it makes me sad that he doesn't want to leave me. I was an extremely shy child, and I never wanted anything to do with anyone except my immediate family. I sometimes see traces of that in Elijah (not near to the same extent) and it makes me sad. I remember how scared I would get to be away from my family and I don't want Elijah to have those same feelings. I think my past is the reason I work so hard to make sure he gets a lot of exposure to other people and places.

I have been doing as little as possible from the couch this week. Contractions are holding steady at about 10-12 per day. I'm praying for another reprieve on Friday after my seventh shot. Things are going fine otherwise. I just finished a great book called Modoc by Ralph Helfer. I am not at all an animal person, but the elephant in this book (true story) is the most amazing creature to ever live! I cried and cried and could not believe the amazing life this elephant lived. If you enjoy reading, I highly recommend it!

I'll end with some of my favorite recent Elijah pronunciations:
Bicycle = "bike-cycle"
Zephy (name of a train on a cartoon he watches) = "Fluffy"
Chipmunks = "chin-ups" :)
Cereal = "sid-all"


mina said...

I love the 'bike-cycle', reminds me of Bilal's 'cotch-roach'.

Maybe you can wait just a little bit to celebrate Elijah's birthday just to give your body a little more time? I hope the next prog shot helps!

Lee Family said...

I am so sorry your spirits are down, i feel for you and wish I was close to help you out and cheer you up. Try not to stress out on Elijah's 3rd Birthday, Just keep it very small and have some cake and a few presents. And beleive me rest while you can.

Chin up and tons of hugs coming your way.

Sarah said...

Saying a prayer that Fridays shot gives you a break from the contractions. 3 years old? Wow!

Cecilia said...

Good luck to your Fridays shot!

You are such a little worrier, just relax and everything will be fine.

jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to my Birthday Buddy! I'm so proud of you, Elijah. And, I'm always thinking of you, Mama. I'm sure however you manage to celebrate Elijah's birthday, it will be wonderful and Elijah will love it. Take care, Megan! xxoxo Jennifer Cao