Wednesday, February 24, 2010

24 weeks, 5 days - dr visit

We received some good news and some bad news at the doctor's office this morning. Mostly good news! I'll start with the not-great stuff:

- Bed rest continues, probably until delivery. :( This isn't what we were hoping for, but we do realize it is what is best for the baby and so it shall be! I will continue to do work from home, as I have been told that doing work from my office is not allowed.

- I have gained 20 lbs! YIKES! I'm calling Ben & Jerry to complain. :)

See? Not much bad news. We came away with tons of good, though:

- On days when my contractions are behaving (usually the 48 hours following my weekly progesterone shot) I can CAUTIOUSLY move around a little bit more. Mostly I just have to stay close to the couch and listen very closely to my body.

- The baby is growing really really well. He is measuring a couple days ahead of schedule and is in the 55th percentile for overall growth (1 lb, 10 oz). FIFTY-FIFTH! I wondered if there was an extra 5 in there, but that number was right. We are by no means used to such a wonderful, HIGH number!

- I do not have gestational diabetes.

- My cervix is nice and long. 4.4 cm! Even longer than it was at the last check, which I thought was strange (yet wonderful).

- The progesterone shots do seem to be helping my contractions. We are all pretty certain they would be way worse right now without the shots.

So the plan is to keep on doing what I'm doing. My doctor said typically what happens is that delivery occurs about 10 days after the last progesterone shot is given, which is at 36 weeks. I pray to God that my body hangs in there for that long. If it does, then we are looking at a late May delivery. That is three more months of bed rest, which really does sound awful to me but I continue to focus on the big picture.

Elijah got a great night of sleep last night for the first time in what seems like a million years. His bright eyes and good attitude this morning were a welcome change from the crazy behavior he has been showing us for the past few weeks. It is amazing what some good sleep can do. Now he is ready for Preschool Day #2 tomorrow!


Cecilia said...

Happy for you guys for all those good news!

Just hang in there for three more months, more Ben & Jerry ... lol ...

Elijah is a big boy now, he looks so handsome and smart, just wanna smooch his cute little face.

Have a nice week!

Lgriz516 said...
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Ashley said...

Mostly good news, that is great! Did you ask if you could go and get a massage? Hang in there. Hopefully I will hang in there with ya for a while.

p.s. I think us prego moms on bedrest get to gain an extra few pounds. At least I have! Sometimes I eat just because it is an excuse to get up and walk to the fridge.

Vanessa said...

Sounds like mostly good news to me! I know it's not fun being on bed rest but I'm so glad you have such a supportive husband to help you. :)

Now I wonder why they will stop giving us the shots at 36 weeks if that means we normally deliver 10 days after. Don't they want us to go to 40 weeks? Hmmm..should of asked my doc about that one today.

Tracy said...

Hang in there, you're doing great! And good to hear Elijah had a good day at pre-school!

Sarah said...

Glad the baby is growing great! Your so tiny that a little Ben and Jerry's I'm sure is doing you good. Hope Elijah's 2nd day is awesome.

jencooper said...

Mostly good news!! We will take it. Hang in there.....and have you tried the strawberry cheesecake flavor yet??

Cara said...

Great news all the way around! Elijah couldn't be cuter in his first day of preschool outfit. Love it. And I'm thrilled to hear that all is well with you and "not Zooter".


Tiffers said...

Great news! You can do 3 months. I did it with Harrison and it pays off in the end, of course you already know this. At least your smart enough to hang out on the couch. I stayed in my bed with both pregnancies. Took it literally! haha So glad school is working out so well for Elijah. Y'all are going to have so much fun this summer. Keep your chin up and reward that sweet husband of yours after the baby arrives.