Sunday, February 14, 2010


Something pretty miraculous has happened over the weekend. It is now Sunday late in the morning and I have only had FIVE contractions since Friday morning at 9:00! I don't know if my sixth progesterone shot helped or if it is just an answer to prayer, or maybe both. Whatever the cause, I am extremely happy! I never never never expected them to start getting better like this.

This morning Dan gave me my first pass in almost three weeks to get out of the house since my tummy has been so cooperative. I joined my boys on their Sunday outing to the play area at the mall (Dan made me lie down on a bench like a homeless woman). I didn't have any contractions while I was there, but I did have the feeling like I should get home and lie down after a bit so I am back to the couch. I think I will call my doctor in the morning to see if I can move up my re-evaluation appointment. It is supposed to be next Wednesday, but hopefully they will let me come in this week sometime. I hate to get too hopeful, but the thought of possibly resuming a semi-normal lifestyle in the near future makes me very excited.

Happy Valentine's Day! Dan and I plan to do our traditional steak dinner at home tonight. This will be our second Valentine's dinner on bed rest. :) I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Thanks for checking in on us!

Oh, one last thing. Elijah's wake-up time this morning was a glorious 5:30!!


mina said...

That's wonderful!!!!

Kerry Tylenda-Emmons said...

Great news! Hope both the slowing contractions and Elijah's new wake-up time stick.

ThePicks said...

Excellent news!!! Hoping that trend continues!! Happy valentine's day to you two =)

The RA

ThePicks said...
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Cecilia said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Enjoy the steak dinner with your gorgeous Dan!

Sarah said...

So happy you were able to get out and about for a bit. Will say a prayer about the appointment. Hope you had a romantic steak dinner over candlelight.

Vanessa said...

Finally getting caught up on you guys. I'm so glad you were able to go to the preschool visit. I know Elijah will enjoy the class once he's used to it. Sounds like you've been doing good. Just remember to take it easy even if they do give you clearance to move around.

Take care,