Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two weeks down..

I have noticed a definite increase in the frequency of my contractions this week. I have to be super careful about how much I move around and how many trips I take to the bathroom. I'm still having under 10-12 contractions per day, but that is because I am lying on my side and not moving much for a lot of the day. Once Elijah and Dan get home, I usually get up a little bit more than I should.

One thing I have continued to do is put Elijah to bed at night. Dan does all of the lifting, but I do the fun parts: reading, snuggling, praying and talking. I would be a mess if I couldn't have that time with my little boy every day and I'm very thankful for it. It keeps me happy and feeling semi-normal.

We will see how my contractions are doing in the morning, but I'm still hoping to make it to Elijah's preschool classroom with him and Dan. I hope it works out. I very much want to be there.

The days are surprisingly passing pretty quickly on bed rest. Working from the couch in the mornings has helped. I am trying very hard not to think too far down the road, and that helps, too. It also helps having a sweet, spunky, funny little boy to spend time with.

Elijah's cough is getting much better and is hardly disturbing his sleep anymore. Although, he IS still waking up at ridiculously early hours every morning. It doesn't matter what we do with his bed time. We are finding that he is just naturally an early riser.

My cold, which turned into an ear infection, which I believe turned into a nasty sinus infection (my first!) is slowly improving. I am finally starting to be able to taste and smell again, and my ears are feeling less plugged every day.

Dan has been working a lot and doing a lot for Elijah and me in general. I am extremely thankful for him. A lot of the time I feel bad for burdening him, but I know he doesn't see it that way (thankfully). He is a (very tired) good husband and dad and we are lucky to have him caring for us!


mina said...

Oh Megan, please take care to get enough rest!

Glad to know you are still enjoying those bedtime snuggles!

Cecilia said...

That's what a good husband for ... for good times and bad times ...

Please stop worrying, just let Dan take good care of you and Elijah.

Have a nice day! xoxo

ThePicks said...

These are such CUTE pics of Elijah!! Hooray for two weeks down; that's a feat in itself! I miss seeing you at work =) Hope everything works out for you to be able to go with Dan and Elijah to the preschool preview action tomorrow. Will be crossing my fingers!! LOL,

The RA

Barbi said...


You are going to be sooo busy once baby #2 arrives!! There are days I wish I could be forced to rest! =) I am sure it is difficult for you right now, but keep staying positive! Love the side profile picture above. I want to eat his cheeks and little lips myself! Makes me want to go snuggle my baby. Keep your feet and spirits up!


Lee Family said...

Just put on one of those Depend Diapers and you won't have to get up at all :)

Sorry to hear your Contractions are getting worse. Like Barbie says enjoy your time resting because when that Baby comes you are never going to get any sleep :)

And Elijah is just getting cuter and cuter, he is going to break alot of hearts.

Try and focus on the future and rest. Hope things get better for you very soon.
Lots of hugs coming your way.

Kathy said...

ahh...can't wait to hear about preschool!!!

Hope you're having a good day..and resting..and those boys are taking good care of you!

Kathy said...

ahh...can't wait to hear about preschool!!!

Hope you're having a good day..and resting..and those boys are taking good care of you!