Sunday, May 23, 2010

37 weeks, 2 days

This boy likes to snuggle and lounge.

I'm still pregnant! No news yet. I packed my hospital bag last night, so I'm ready to go whenever the baby is ready to go. I have also been a wee bit anal about laundry and cleaning lately. I want everything to be ready ready ready!

Oh and I got to meet Andrea this weekend! She is as sweet and nice as I expected her to be. Now I have to get out to California to meet the rest of her awesome little family.

I will have Dan write a post as soon as anything starts to happen with Baby!


Cecilia said...

Look at your little man, just cute!!!

Relax Megan, everything will be fine!

Have a nice week!

Amber said...

Details please! How did you meet Andrea???? She's my soul sis you know. ;0)
EVERY time I see a post from you...I'm thinking...BABY. I'm driving myself nuts.
P.S. I want to crawl up on the sofa with him! It looks very inviting. :0)

Sarah said...

I'll be waiting!!! We have been praying for baby to hold out and stay put until it's time but now I can't wait for not-Zooter to arrive.