Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting ready

Elijah got a new suitcase! He is ready to pack up some of his things and go to Grandma's house for a few days, whenever the baby decides to arrive. (And could he possibly look any cuter in these pjs?)

Looks like he will be a self-sufficient little traveler the next time we are traveling through an airport.

I'm at the 35-week mark today! There have been times over the past few days when I have wondered, Could this be it?! My contractions get a little crazy in the evenings and they are getting more and more uncomfortable. I have no idea how much longer my body will hold out. Sometimes I feel like it could be a few more weeks and sometimes I think it will be much sooner.

Elijah has had two really good days in a row as far as his behavior goes. There is such a difference in the mood in our house at the end of a good day. We don't have many weekend plans, besides maybe a Mother's Day outing (if my body is behaving) and just trying to keep this baby where he belongs. Have a great Mother's Day weekend, all you awesome mamas!!!!


Cecilia said...

Elijah certainly is a self-sufficient little traveler, I like his new suitcase!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Cara said...

Happy Mother's day to you too!
Love you guys,

Katie S said...

Watch out airport security!