Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some random Elijah stuff

I am way behind on posting Elijah photos. I figured I better start posting more before we are preoccupied with the new baby.

We have an IEP meeting for Elijah on Monday. Who knows if I'll be able to attend or what our status will be then, but it's something we have to do at some point. I am curious to hear what his teachers will say about how he has done at preschool so far this year and what their goals are for him next year.

I haven't wanted to mention much about this until we have more details (and get professional opinions), but I have been kind of concerned about some of Elijah's very repetitive behaviors. I am eager to hear what the people at ECSE have to say about some of the things we notice here at home. He is SO INCREDIBLY REPETITIVE about certain things, and I want to know if it is something we need to look into further or if it is just typical kid stuff. More to come on that.

A cute Elijah thing that I have made note of is how descriptive he is when he refers to an object or a place. He doesn't ride the bus, he rides the "yellow bus with two doors." He doesn't go to the park, he goes to the "one green park" or the "one blue park." He doesn't ride in our cars, he rides in the "big red car" or the "little red car." He is more observant than I am!

Preschool days are still really trying for our family. Being there must be extremely overly stimulating for him still because he is usually pretty crazy on the days he is there. He really loves it, though, so we are happy we decided to start sending him to school. He asks me almost every night, "Go fee-gool 'morrow?"

Still no sign of baby! The frequency of my contractions continues to increase, though, so it could be any time. My guess is still the 25th, which is next Tuesday. We'll see if I'm right very soon!


Cecilia said...

I love all those pictures of Elijah especially the last one, he is incredibly cute!!!

Megan, take things slowly and relax!

The Smith's said...

Oh Megan, I am just feeling thankful today that we've connected through our blogs. And I'm so excited for Not-Zooter to come!

I laughed, b/c again Luke and Elijah have a similarity ... Luke describes people he doesn't know by the color of their shirt (we finally figured out). So he'll ask about "the blue boy" or the "red man". Kind of embarassing when an adult is wearing a black shirt. "Who (or where's) that black man??" Funny.

mina said...

Elijah is so smart!

And such a blessing for you to have made it this far in your pregnancy. 'Any day now' is starting to sound good!

Tina:0) said...

What great photos!! Such an adorable subject;0)

We'll have to share IEP stories! Hope his goes well!

Can't wait for the "he's here!" post!!

Sarah said...

You take amazing pictures and Elijah is the cutest little guy to take them of. You will have to keep us updated on his appointments and what you find out. Evan also has the very best memory - can always remember things that happened - where they happened - who was there and what everyone was wearing or what so and so said. It's scary sometimes. You can never get something past him.