Friday, September 7, 2012

More silliness coming from the kindergartener's mouth

Elijah finished up his first week of kindergarten, and everything seemed to go well. I am assuming I would have gotten a call if he had been unkind or disrespectful in any way! :)

I mainly wanted to post a few more of Elijah's silly sayings, and one not-so-silly saying (I posted these on Facebook over the past week):

Elijah: "Mama, do you know how much I love you?"
Me: "How much, sweet boy?"
E: "I love you the whole world!"
Me: "Awwww, I love you the whole world, too!"
E: "Yeahh. I love you, kiddo."

Elijah: "Good morning, cute honey!"
And to Dan as he was leaving for the dz: "Bye Dad! Welcome back to your room!"

This one did not make me laugh. :(
E: When do I get to meet my new mommy?
Me: [gasping] WHAT?!
E: My new mommy in my new house!
Me: [speechless]
E: I want a new mommy.
Me: [sad and speechless]

Elijah told me I was the carrot in his bowl of vegetables. He's not a huge fan of carrots...or any vegetables, really. Think I'm seeing a theme here..

E had some gems one day last week before nap-time:
"Mama, you are the peas in my pantry." 
"You are the eyeball in my dessert."
"You are the chocolate cookie in my factory."
And the best one of all..
"You are the music dancing in my radio."

Elijah, on his first day of school: "It is Tuesday, September four, and it is mine first day of kindergarten!" :)
He chose his own outfit, got dressed by himself and got on the yellow bus with a smile (while I cried).

A little suspicious of this "John" kid from E's kindergarten class. The first thing E told me about the first two days after school was that John wouldn't stop talking during circle time and that he got time-outs from the teachers. Please God, do not let "John" be an alias for "Elijah."

"Mama, you are a light bulb in my closet full of light bulbs."
"Hmm, that must make me really special.."

"You are a gently galloping mom, and you are ODDLY cute!"
Thanks, Elijah. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Where does Elijah come up with all of this?? The you are my .... in my...'s are hilarious. I read your blog just to see what he has been saying. Lol. They are both so cute!!


jencooper said...

I love that kid!!