Monday, September 10, 2012

S'mores and funnies

The boys and I had a fun weekend. We spent Saturday night at the dropzone, which allowed us to spend some time with Dan since it was too windy to jump. The boys got their first s'mores ever! They ate every last crumb.

I have boy funnies to share!

Some Elijah snippets from before nap-time today:
"Mom, you are a fresh hunky person girl."
"You are the hippo in my boat."
"You are the bee in my flower."
"You are the cat in my purse." (???)
"You are the syrup on my pancakes."

And yesterday before nap (these things always come out before nap for some reason):
"I love you, my beautiful butterfly. You are the watch in my time machine!"

From the day before!
"You are a gently galloping mom, and you are ODDLY cute!"
"You are a lightbulb in my closet full of lightbulbs!"

Here are some cute things that have come from Sammy's cute mouth lately..

Instead of saying "Dinner time!" Sammy yells, "FOOD TIME!" :)

Lately the boys have been saying "You betcha!" in true Minnesota fashion. Except, for Sammy it comes out "I betcha!"

Sammy has been playing with our little animal finger puppets a lot. He loves the green octopus, which he calls, "Deen. Ocket. Pus."

I have much more to share, but no time now. More later! Thanks for checking in!

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jencooper said...

Okay....seriously?? Adorable pictures and cute sayings?? When am I going to get to meet those boys in person??