Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A DZ weekend and KINDERGARTEN!

We had a very busy and tiring (but GOOD!) long weekend. We spent two nights at the dropzone in our cozy trailer and hanging out with Daddy and our wonderful skydiving family. The boys played hard, and Dan worked hard.

Skydiving is obviously the main purpose of the dropzone, but there is so much more to it than that. It is a place of peace and passion for Dan and me. After dark, we chat with friends and have bonfires and talk about skydiving. We love this little piece of our lives! I even learned to shoot a gun last weekend! Fun!

The boys play so hard when we are at the dz. They are fortunate to have some really good pals there, whose parents we happen to love. Sammy and Myla are just a few months apart and have a cute little bond. Sam asks about Myla ALL THE TIME. "Where's MYLA?!" :)

The twins are just the sweetest little things. The boys are so sweet with them, and Dan and I adore their parents.

This past weekend we even got a visit from my cousin Trevor and his kids! Here is the beautiful Veda, posing very cutely with Elijah. Is this not the cutest photo ever?!

We got home from the dz yesterday and we were all totally beat.

We woke up today ready to start kindergarten! It seems impossible that Elijah is old enough to be a kindergartener! It was a strange day, both happy and sad.

(Can you tell Sammy put his own shoes on?)

Today was a big day for all of us! We are happy and proud that Elijah has come so far. Three years ago he wasn't talking or walking, and today he is reading, writing and out-scheming his parents.

Since Elijah is still on an IEP, he is still considered "special education." I am grateful for this for many reasons, one of them being that he gets to ride a special little bus that comes directly to the end of our driveway. I had been worrying about him riding the "big" bus. I think he is just too small! Dan and I are both very happy and grateful to have this special bus service. It is a huge relief!

Elijah happily got on the little yellow bus with no problem this morning. I am constantly amazed at his ability to be ready for the next adventure. Once he was in his seat I was fighting back MAJOR tears. I could see him through his window, and I waved to him. I held up my hand and did the "I love you" sign, and he did it back to me. That is when the tears started to flow. I love my big, brave boy!

Thanks to this special bus of his (there is even an aide on board to help buckle him in and look after the kids), this aspect of school was a non-issue for me today. We have been putting him on a little bus since he was 3, so thankfully I got that worrying out of the way long ago.

I have tried hard not to focus on the fact that we had potty issues today.  

Here is the information I was able to gather from Elijah about his first day:

His very special friend from preschool, Laura (Woe-yuh), is in his class! YAY! But...when I asked him if he talked to her, he said, "No. But she is so cute!" Uh oh.

He told me that "John was really loud during circle time. The teacher had to tell him to be quiet. He did not stop talking." Then he told me that he was good during circle time. :)

He got to go outside for recess and he swung on the swings and played with his new friends, Sam and Kayla (or Cara, I couldn't tell which).

He said that his teachers were really nice and that they told him they loved his shirt. :)

(I think Sammy felt a bit in the shadows this morning...)

Elijah has not been saying the nicest things to me lately. My least favorite being "I want a new mommy," which makes my heart hurt so very badly. Of course I know that he is five years old and doesn't know what he is saying and how much it hurts. But it does sting!

He pretty much made up for all of that today. After he got home, he started spouting off the nicest things he could ever say to me. 

"Mama, you are my bestest friend!"
"I love you the entire world!"
"I love you very, very much!"

Those things are good for a mama's heart. 

He didn't seem overly tired after school today, which surprised me. I guess compared to a few days at the dropzone, kindergarten is nothing! He seemed to thoroughly enjoy his day, and he is ready to do it again tomorrow.

We had potty struggles today (thankfully not at school), but I want to point out the positive points of this! Once he goes potty in his pants, his only remaining privileges for the rest of the day are reading and practicing his writing. So we have noticed (after multiple days of losing privileges) that his writing is getting really good! Reading, too.

Dan was home today, so I was able to take a GIANT nap. Despite that, I feel a bit emotionally drained. This transition into kindergarten is an emotional one! It is a big step for our boy, and all of us. Here we go, Kindergarten!!

Thank you for checking in! Wishing you all a wonderful week!


mina said...

Kindergarten! So exciting!

dxeechick said...

this made ME cry! I don't know whether to be excited or terrified when my little guy goes off to school in a couple years. its crazy to think about!!