Thursday, September 27, 2012

Teeth, ears and dance moves

Well well well, I certainly have a lot to share, and such little time to share it! I have mucho work to accomplish tonight, so I will make this as quick as possible!

I brought Elijah to the dentist today to take care of a teeny cavity (his second, and in the same exact spot as his last one, despite our religious brushing and flossing). He was terrified at the appointment. :( We tried very hard to get the nitrous on his nose to help calm him down, but he thought that was a mask like he wears in the hospital before surgery. After 40 minutes of reassuring and coaxing and talking sweetly and patiently, we decided the cavity was not going to get fixed (which is "lasered," by the pain). They managed to get the cleaning done, but we have to go back to try and take care of the cavity. If that doesn't work, off to the hospital we will go!

Yesterday I got a call from E's school nurse. He failed his hearing test this week. I had to go to the bathroom at work to shed a few tears after that conversation. Ever since his ear infection this past summer that took two huge doses of antibiotics to get rid of, I have noticed that he has not been hearing as well. I was not totally surprised by the news, but I was very saddened by it. His left ear was the one that failed, and it failed pretty badly. The nurse will give him the test again in one week, and also check for wax in hopes that that is the issue. If he fails again, we will need to see a doctor. Adding another specialist to his list makes me sad, but we will do what we need to do to give him the best life possible.

How about some fun news! Tonight I took the boys to the picnic that was held at Elijah's school. It was such a beautiful evening, and the boys had a blast. It was so much fun watching Elijah run around the playground. He found a friend from his class and they were so cute playing together. And the friend was a BOY! Usually he sticks with the girls! When we were leaving, this little friend ran up and said, "Elijah! Are you leaving??" "Yes." "Bye! See ya later!" Aww, that made my heart happy. Here is a funny video of the boys dancing at the picnic tonight.

I will end with Boy Funnies..

Instead of "pop-tart," Sammy says "potty-tart." :)

Every time the boys fall or bonk a body part on something, they ALWAYS ask Dan or me to "please kiss it!" I love this, and I will bend over in the middle of a parking lot to kiss one of their toes if I need to. Mommy kisses help! So the other day Sammy fell on his bottom and told Dan, "Please kiss my butt, Daddy!" :)

Yesterday Elijah was running his fingers through Dan's beard and paused and said, "Daddy, you are the porcupine in my tree!"

And a few Elijah Gems that I have posted on Facebook recently..

A couple from this afternoon..
"Mom, you are the hair on my ear lobe."
"You are the appetizer in my apple pie."
"You are the woman in my trunk." Umm, yikes?!

"Mom, you are the 19 in my month of September."
"You are the ostrich in my jungle."
"You are the peach in my tree."
"You are the garbage in my garbage truck."
"You are the stairs in my castle."
"You are the fresh, sweet tomato sauce in my jar."

"My favorite friend in school is Autumn. I used to think it was 'Bottom,' but it's not. It's Autumn."

"Mom, are there cages in heaven? And will we sleep in heaven?" Both very good questions!

Life is pretty weird and crazy these days, and so I appreciate these pre-bedtime words even more than usual:
"Mom, you are the Saturn in my outer space."
"You are the milk in my milk truck."
"You are the bee in my bee hive."
And then...
"I love you very, very much, pretty mom!"


Holly said...

Hi Megan,

I am an old friend of Dan's from college and have been checking in on your blog from time to time to see how your family is doing! My six year old son has had a really difficult time at the dentist too... he had a couple of little cavities and he hates needles and freaked out when they tried to fill them. We were told we would have to go to Children's so they could fill them under general anesthesia, but since our insurance wouldn't cover it (they told us it would cost $5k) we checked out a couple of other dentists and finally found the most wonderful dentist in Chanhassen. Our son got his cavities filled with in-office sedation and it was so much better than our other experiences! He can't wait to go back to see her! In case you were interested, I thought I'd pass on her info: Dr. Tori Conrad at Tweet Dentistry ( She is amazing and we gladly drive out of our way to go see her.

Just thought I'd share in case it is helpful! Good luck with it all!

Holly (Kuklok) Calvillo

The Portas said...

Thank you very much for the info, Holly! We will definitely look into this.

Cecilia said...

Elijah and Sam are good dancers, nice moves!