Sunday, September 16, 2012


I'll be honest. I am nearing the point of insanity in regards to Elijah's behavior. He can be so tough! These days he is mostly tough. I would say there is little to no harmony between the two of us right now. It's a really tough time. I am frazzled beyond words. I am frustrated to the point of having turned into a mom that I really don't like at all. Yelling, threatening, acting like a completely crazed lunatic most of the time..

So it is fairly timely that I will need to be away from home for three days this week, beginning tomorrow. I will be starting a part-time seasonal job that is about an hour away from our home. I will be staying with my sister Monday through Wednesday from now until the end of October. I am feeling torn about this new adventure, but in the end it will be a good thing for our family. I think it is a very good thing that Elijah and I will have a few days away from each other this week. I put him to bed early tonight for reasons I will not get into, and things were far from good and happy. That makes me very sad.

School seems to be going great for Elijah. I got a call from his teacher, and she said that he is doing well. He is being respectful, he is interacting with his peers appropriately and he is participating in class appropriately. While I am extremely happy about this, I can't help but be a little bit confused about his extreme behavior at home. We will be attending his IEP meeting this Wednesday, so I am sure we will hear more about school then.

I will end with a few more boy funnies, even though I'm not feeling particularly happy this evening..

Instead of "suitcase," Sammy says, "soup-case."
He also likes to ask if he can have a "bite" of water.
The tattoo on his arm is almost gone, so every time he sees it he tells me "Uh-oh! Tattoo is breaking!"
And instead of "notebook," he says, "nope-book."

A few more of Elijah's sayings that I have posted on FB recently:

"Mom, you are the baby dinosaur in my time machine."
"You are the egg in my egg carton."
"You are the lamp in my architecture."
"You are the paintbrush on my paper."
"You are the tea in my cup."
"You are the guy in my taxi car."
"You are the fork in my forklift."
And the one that made us both laugh the hardest..
"You are the drum in my army band."

Driving in the car the other day with Elijah, we had a peaceful couple of minutes (i.e., the constant stream of jabbering was on pause). 
E broke the silence by saying, "MOM!"
"What is your PROBLEM today?!"
I didn't stop laughing the entire rest of the drive home.

"You are fluffy-haired monster mommy." (describes me pretty well, I think)
"You are the man in my curtain."
"You are the princess on my cake."
"You are the umbrella on my beach." 
"You are the keyboard on my computer."
"You are the sheep in my barn."
And of course this had to come out eventually..
"You are the booger in my nose."


jencooper said...

Hang in there Mama. Thank you for being honest. We all have days of being the mom that we don't want to be. I have a trying child too (Grace) and it is very easy to lose my cool with her. You have my numbers....I am here and know exactly what you are going through.

Love you!

Mike, Jamie, Caden, Christian & Maximus said...

Hello stranger! I couldn't help but pass on a great series that helped Jamie and I with our soon to be 4 year old. Growing Kids God's Way. HUGE for us...especially when our 2nd boy came into the picture. Praying for you guys ( ;