Friday, August 31, 2012

Sass, sass and more sass

Elijah has always loved surrounding himself with comfort items, whether that be toys or pillows or people. Lately he has been sitting on the couch and completely surrounding himself with pillows and blankets and just lying there. The other day Sammy joined him! They were being kind to each other amongst the pillows and blankets, so I had to capture the moment. 

I tell you what, our Elijah is a tough one. I brought the boys to daycare today and accomplished a hundred things that I would not have otherwise been able to accomplish. When I picked them up, I got to hear about all of the un-kind things Elijah had done and said throughout the day. :( Our wonderful, caring daycare provider said, "Girl, you sure have your hands full!"

He tests his boundaries constantly. Honestly, there are quite a few things that are not easy with him. When things are easy, I think, WHOA! Life is so amazing! He hit a friend at daycare today (this makes me so sad), among other things, so he lost all of his privileges tonight. Despite that, though, we had some rare easy moments this evening and I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt!

We went to E's open house last night. We got to see his kindergarten classroom and meet his very sweet teachers. This is going to be such an amazing experience for him! Dan and I are both very excited to get him back into the routine of school. I want to tell his teacher that I have been praying for her since the day he was born. I have also been praying for a special little friend to recognize how special and awesome he is and to befriend him and take care of him, so to speak.

Sammy is still being his little independent, sassy, ADORABLE self. I have to be super creative in order to get him to do certain things (brushing teeth, sitting at the table, reading books, getting his diaper changed). Gotta be constantly on my toes! But man, Sammy is cute and sweet when he wants to be. I could just eat him up. He asked me for 20 minutes straight tonight to "Tickle Fammy!"

We have a super fun weekend planned! It will involve the dropzone, s'mores, a baptism, friends and family! We are excited! Thanks for checking in. Have a safe and fun weekend, everyone!

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