Wednesday, August 29, 2012

State Fair 2012

This post will certainly be broken and very un-smooth. Is there a better word for un-smooth? Rough? Bumpy? I am tired and my eyes itch! I have never suffered from allergies in my life, and suddenly I am plagued with them! Every symptom that is written on the Claritin box sums me up times 10. I am tired of itching these very scratchy and uncomfortable eyeballs. I feel so badly for all of you long-time allergy sufferers! This stinks!

We went to the State Fair this week, as we do every year. It is a tradition for us. There are the standard things we do every time we are there, and we seem to add a new adventure each year, too.

We checked out the cows, as we usually do..

This is a silly new Elijah pose. Both hands up to an ear.

Here is Sammy's pose. Just Sam. He doesn't tend to ham it up like his brother does.

Another Fair tradition...wearing the Oink Booth crown! 

Sometime when I have time on my hands (hahahahaaaa!), I need to combine Fair photos from over the years. I have some super funny photos from when Elijah was a baby. I'll just say that he has not always liked the Oink Booth crown.

This is another new Elijah pose. He becomes more of a ham the older he gets, if that is at all possible!

Sammy enjoyed talking to the pigs. "'Ook, Mom! Pig seeping!" "'Ook! Pig eating!"

My cuties! 

We ate a ton of delicious food. The boys' first indulgence was a giant cinnamon roll. Sammy put a huge bite in his mouth and tried to chew.

My favorite thing to eat is always the first thing Dan and I get for ourselves...Pronto Pups! Yum!

Elijah went down this big slide with Dan last year and had a mildly scary experience. I figured he was a year older and that he would do great this time. When we got to the top, he was starting to cry a bit and telling me that he didn't want to go. There is really no other way to get down unless we wanted to go down the stairs through a mass of people, so I strongly encouraged (forced) him to go down the slide with me.

Here is the big picture.

A close-up. Have you seen a more terrified face? :( Poor guy. I felt terrible. Later that night, as we were saying our prayers, E said, "Dear Jesus, please maybe next year we won't do the big slide again." Awww.

Sweet Martha's cookies are always a must. They never last long in our sugar-loving hands.

Can't forget the milk!

E happily rode the ferris wheel with me. It was sloooooow compared to the one we rode at the county fair a few weeks ago. Which was just fine.

This whale ride was a little bit traumatic for both boys. Before it started Elijah was a MESS. He was screaming about it being too loud (??) and bumpy. Once it started, E had a blast and Sam was a mess, burying his head between his legs. This was when we knew it was time to go home.

Elijah did his standard passing-out on the ride home. The Fair is exhausting!

Not Sammy, though! It's tough getting this boy to sleep in the car. He had tons of energy once we got home, even sans nap.

It was hot today so we met some friends at the beach. The boys had a great time! It was far from home, so we didn't stay long. We did run into a blog reader and friend-of-a-friend who shared her umbrella shade with us! Thanks, Erin! Your kindness was much appreciated today!

Have a great rest of your week, everyone! Thanks for checking in.


jencooper said...

Finally getting back into a schedule where I can comment....reading on a computer and not my phone! :)

Love seeing pictures of the handsome boys, but my favorite is the one of all 3 of you!

Cecilia said...

Looks like you guys had great fun!