Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Man! The last week has been a whirlwind! I have been busy with work and on top of that we had a family vacation/reunion in Iowa. We are trying to balance it all. In the meantime, I will share a few photos from our time in Iowa.

Dan was able to come down for a few days, and we spent a fun family day at Arnold's Park. As you can see from Elijah's smile, we had a great time.

Elijah and Sammy went on almost every "kiddie" ride, and Elijah even went on an adult ride. More on that later. Sammy did very well for only being two!

HAPPY FACE. We were just getting on the train here.

The boys loved the ferris wheel! We rode it five times.

Ferris wheel happiness! Look at that face!


We found that Sammy did better on the rides when Elijah was next to him. The boat ride was a favorite for both boys.

The dragon ride was a close second.

Elijah rode the train by himself.

The fishy ride was a bit scary for Sammy at first, but he got brave after a while.

The first time he rode it he closed his eyes as if trying to pretend he was somewhere else. Super cute! :)

Grammie and Gramps met us at the park for a bit.

And Sammy got a quick nap.

Elijah went on his first big-boy ride....the Scrambler! His hair helped him to be JUST tall enough! :) The two of us rode together and he was a bit nervous before it started. Once we got going, he had a BLAST! He loved it.

I saw this sign on the ride before we got on. Really?! I guess maybe I understand the precaution, but I didn't see harm in letting my boy be scrambled a bit.

Here we are just before the scrambling began.

And we got to ride on the go-karts together, too!

One last fishy ride for the brothers before we left.


These photos don't even cover the family fun we experienced over the past week. We love our family so much. We are blessed!

We have another busy, traveling week ahead of us. More adventures to come!


Cecilia said...

Lovely photos!!! You look great!

mina said...

I think it's so cute that having big brother next to him reassures Sammy so much. Looks like a blast!

Sarah said...

Love it! Evan & Elijah would have a blast on the scrambler as I don't mind my heart kid being scrambled either, lol. We have his cardio a list of rides before a few of our theme park trips & he okayed them so I go with that. No big drops is his advice. Glad you all had a good visit & fun family time.