Thursday, August 2, 2012

A random post

I have a bunch of things in my brain to get down. They are random, so bear with me!

Here are a few photos from tonight. Elijah insisted on wearing his Superman costume from last fall. I couldn't believe how small it was on him! He seriously has grown so much in the past year.

In the above photo you will see Sammy with a toolbox and a boat. He loves to carry these around and pretend he is Handy Manny. "Hi Mama! I Ammy Ammy!" Then I say, "Hi Manny, Hi Tools!" and he asks me to fix a toy and we go through the whole scenario from the show. This boy is the cutest.

Elijah's eye appointment went well on Tuesday. The vision in his left eye is now 20/30. In January it was 20/400. The glasses and patching have done wonders! We are going to begin weaning him off the patches, so for the next 3 months we will have him wear it for 10 hours/week (down from 15). Eventually we are hoping that he won't even have a need for glasses, but this probably won't happen until he is around 10 years old.

Our car died this week, so the boys and I have spent some time at home that normally would have been spent out of the house. Luckily I have a generous, kind cousin and friend who is a car mechanic and who came over to replace my battery while Dan was working today. Thank you, Trevor! We love you!

I don't think I mentioned that Elijah got a second infected spider bite on one of his legs a few weeks ago that required another round of antibiotics. This week he got a double ear infection, and this morning he woke up with another infected bug bite (mosquito?) on his finger. I considered walking him to the doctor this afternoon before our car was running, but Dan talked me out of that one (thank you, Hubby). If it still looks bad in the morning, we will head to the doctor then. I don't know what it is with that boy and bug bites!

I have mentioned Sammy's fierce independence many times. It has suddenly reached new heights. We are now to the point where he won't even allow anyone to read him a book! "MY DO IT!" Ok, goodness, Sam. I can barely do a single thing for that boy without hearing, "MY DO IT!"

Elijah has been working through the concept of death lately. He asks questions about it all the time, which I think is a healthy thing to explore. I have told him about 100 times not to put his hands around Sammy's neck because he could hurt him to the point of losing him forever. So he will ask, as we are lying in bed together before nap-time, "If I squeeze too hard, you would die?" "It's possible!" "If you died, you would go to heaven?" "Yes." "And if you go to heaven, you will take your phone?" "No, no phones are allowed in heaven." "Well how would I talk to you then?" :) Tonight while we were eating dinner he asked me what city heaven was in and whether the fly I had just killed had gone to heaven. Good questions!

Speaking of naps, I have been giving them to Elijah more frequently lately. At noon, after he has hit his brother three times and told me to "shush" twice, I feel like the boy needs sleep. Mostly, though, I adore that time with him. When we lay down for a nap together (yes, I always lay down with him), all bad behavior goes out the window. He oozes with total sweetness as he wraps his little arms around my neck super tight. If my arms and legs are not totally wrapped around his body, he asks me to "pwease hug me tighter!" Then he scoots his little body as close to mine as he can, and he whispers the kindest, sweetest things in my ear as he falls asleep. "Mama, you are so sweet and kind and beautiful!" I have also been described as "fresh, pretty, lovely and respect-uh-mul (respectful)." The words are always positive. At least I think "fresh" is meant to be positive! I cherish these moments more than I could ever explain. I know they will not last forever.

That's all I can think of for now. More later! Thanks for checking in! xo


dxeechick said...

i would lay with my son too, if he said such sweet things!! too cute! :)

Cecilia said...

Your two little boys are seriously sweet and cute! Lucky you!