Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation #2

We are back from August Vacation Part II! The little boys and I tagged along with my dad and stepmom as they visited her family in Northern Minnesota. The last time I attempted this trip with the boys was just after Sammy was born, two years ago. I remember it being difficult traveling with a newborn and without Dan along. I also remember coming home early because I felt very overwhelmed and tired.

This year was a much different experience! We stayed with my stepmom's sister and brother-in-law, and we had so much fun! Elijah and Sammy LOVE Uncle Phill and Aunt Linda, and of course Grammie and Gramps. It was sad to leave after such a fun three days.

The boys got to go to their second fair/amusement park in one week! Lucky boys!

Elijah befriended Inko, the yellow guy who rode around on a tricycle talking to people. He did not know what to think of this guy.

Remember the scary kiddie roller coaster experience from last week? I wasn't sure if Elijah would brave another one, but he got on without hesitation. I saw a few scared looks on his face as he whizzed by us, but he did much better this time overall. He was VERY proud of himself for riding it. 

See? Not so scary, Mom!

Sammy and Elijah rode on the cars with their cousin (second cousin?) Will.

This ferris wheel was a bit faster than the last one we went on. Sammy snuggled in very very close to me, and wasn't so sure of the two weightless seconds on top every time we reached that point. He did great, though.

My snuggly Sammy. 

Uncle Phill did a lot of snuggling and playing with the boys. Here he is with Elijah watching the hummingbirds outside the window.

Elijah had an exciting FIRST over the weekend! He caught his first two fish! He was thrilled! 

And he got to have a campfire...just because he's cute and asked for one. :)

We got an extra big bonus by getting to spend time with Aaron!

Vacation is tiring and a double vacation is extra tiring, but it was 100% worth the fun and memories. I love making memories with my boys. I know Sammy is too young, but I hope Elijah carries some fun memories away from the past few weeks.

I found that it was pretty tough getting Elijah to do his business in the toilet while on vacation. We had quite a few battles and accidents. Goodness, I am ready for this boy to be potty trained! As I type, he is in the bathroom cleaning up a huge mess and it is so incredibly frustrating. Ugh. Patience and perseverance!

We miss Dan! We are excited to see him in the morning and spend the day with him tomorrow. Sammy is finishing up a nap, Elijah is now sitting on the blue chair reading books (his only remaining privilege for the day) and I am going to throw in a load of laundry! Thanks for checking in.

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