Monday, July 30, 2012

Doot boyyys

We did an impromptu photo shoot last weekend...wait, two weekends ago...thanks to Dan's mom. She had the idea of blowing bubbles toward the boys while I snapped a few pics. I love how they turned out!

Today was Dan's day off, so we spent the morning at the zoo. It was short-lived due to Elijah's behavior, but at least we got some time out of the house as a family.

Sammy is just the cutest and sweetest little boy. That is, when he's not being overly independent and throwing a tantrum because I attempt to help buckle him into his carseat, god forbid.

Lately Elijah has been all about "winning." If I start walking down the stairs before him, he says, "WAIT! I'm going to win!" And he runs ahead of me. When the "race" is between him and Sammy, inevitably Elijah reaches the destination first and declares, "I won!" Sammy interprets this as "I am one!" so he responds every time with, "I two!" :)

Every time I change Sammy's diaper (the times I can catch him), he reaches under himself and grabs his cute little butt, giggles, and says, "Doot Fammy BUTT!" Yes, Sammy, you do have a cute butt. :)

Elijah is doing pretty well with potty business. It is so much better overall compared to two months ago, but we do still have progress to make. He has such an underlying defiant nature that doesn't help the issue, but....we are making progress!

Sammy's speech is amazing. He speaks so well, and it is so cute hearing him talk. He has started doing imaginary play, too, which is so cute. "'Ook, Mama! 'Ellow guy fwying airplane! Going twip!" He is one cute kid. Dan and I constantly talk about how we want to freeze him. He is perfect! (Minus those independence-related tantrums.)

Tomorrow we are bringing Elijah to see his eye doctor. I am hoping he will need a new prescription for his glasses, considering he has BITTEN scratches into his lenses (during time-outs). We have been diligent with wearing his patches, so hopefully we can ditch those soon.

This summer has been an awesome one so far, and there is so much more fun to be had. We have a huge next two weeks coming up. Elijah is super excited, as are the rest of us.

Thanks for checking in on us!

We wish you all a happy week!

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Cecilia said...

They are seriously beautiful, lucky you!