Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sleepers, talkers, readers and a miracle!

Dan has been home a bit more this week due to the weather. He has been working most of today. The little boys and I stayed close to home today, making an Angry Bird pizza and homemade ice cream. Both were firsts for us! I will share pics tomorrow!

I snapped this photo earlier in the week. Isn't it precious?? Don't tell Dan it's here or he will make me take it down! :) Today was the first day I can say that Elijah was caught up from missing out on so much sleep last weekend, being with his Auntie and cousins. That boy needs his rest, much like his mother.

We were able to squeeze in a trip to the boys' favorite park before Dan left for work this morning.

A few highlights from our week so far:

Tonight Elijah once again showed his scary yet impressive memory. We were talking about how we might get to go to Uncle Phill's house later this summer, which is a very exciting thing for all of us (especially Elijah). He said, "Oh! Mom! Remember when Uncle Phill gave me a popsicle?! It was purple!" Mouth hanging open, I said, "Elijah, that was TWO YEARS AGO. How in the world..." And the color of his popsicle is a detail that I happen to remember because it was the first time our boy with major textural issues (especially at that time) allowed a popsicle to touch his lips. It WAS purple. Unbelievable.

Sammy is talking sooo much! He is now speaking in 7-8-word sentences, and he repeats pretty much everything that is said to him. Of course there are the handful of words that are so cutely spoken incorrectly, like "beddy bubbon" for "belly button." :) I love it. And I never correct him.

Elijah has been reading small words since about a year ago, but recently I have noticed that he will sit down with a book and read just about every word. He is officially a READER! I caught this on video tonight because it has great meaning. This is the same book I first read when I was a little girl! I have vivid memories of feeling so proud, reading through Dr. Seuss' Hop on Pop. Or as Elijah calls him, "Dr. Seusser." :)

We have a fun weekend ahead of us! We hope you all do, too, and that you are doing well. Thanks so much for checking in on our family!

Oh, and THANK YOU for praying for Lucy! Check. Out. This. MIRACLE! UNBELIEVABLE! A few weeks ago her parents were planning her funeral. Today? Lucy is cancer-free and as strong as ever! God is GOOD.


mina said...

Love the video of Elijah reading. What a smart little guy!

Cecilia said...

Love the video and pics. Elijah is such a cute little reader!