Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two boys and a girl

My boys were tired tonight. They got to play with their friends for a few hours today while I got some work done, and that always wears them out. 

It is still insanely hot outside. Hot enough to slurp down a glass of strawberry lemonade in about 60 seconds.

This was Dan's second day in a row of working a very long day in the very gross heat. Please pray that he recuperates and feels rested enough tomorrow to do it all again. We are thankful that he works so hard for us!

We had another successful potty day! YAY!

I am feeling so appreciative of everything today. I read about the continued HELL that Lucy and her parents are living, and it makes me feel so grateful for absolutely everything. The boys and I played a little bit extra tonight, snuggled longer than usual and read a few extra books before bedtime.

We have fun plans for tomorrow and we are hoping the weather isn't as oppressive over the weekend so that going to the dropzone is feasible. We pray you have all had a safe and fun week! Thanks for checking in.


Cecilia said...

What are the boys drinking, lemonade? Looks tasty!

Coupons said...

The heat has really been something lately! But I'll take it over even a mild winter any day.