Friday, July 6, 2012

Continued heat and progress

Check it out, people! We are killing this potty chart! E has not had an accident in five consecutive days. He is collecting his "prizes" all over the place. In fact, almost too quickly! It is hard to redeem some of them when Dan is working so much.

This is the third consecutive day of crazy humid gross heat. Not that I mind much at all, but I worry about my hard-working hubby being out in this for 12+ hours/day. I saw 102 degrees on my phone today and gasped out loud! Thankfully, tomorrow is supposed to be 20 degrees cooler. 

We had a free morning today, so I figured we would go on an indoor adventure. The Children's Museum is one of the boys' absolute favorite places to go, so we headed over to St. Paul! A lot of other families had the same idea because it was super crowded, but still fun for the boys.

Elijah and Sammy adore the area of the museum with the grocery store, post office, doctor's office, restaurant and dance studio. Elijah loved playing the role of Postman today.

It was so cute hearing him talk to himself: "Oh! Ok. Have to send a letter to Gwammie and Gwamps. Here you go. Oh! Have to run over to the yellow house and pick up my mail! Oh! Here we go! Bye, Mom!" He was a busy boy!

And here is the ham of our family, Elijah Daniel. 

I even got Sammy to visit the stage with his brother. If Elijah left, though, Sammy would leave, too.

I was proud of him for breaking out of his comfort zone!

The grocery store is always a big hit with E. Today he played the role of Cashier very well. 

Sammy has started lengthening his sentences. Instead of "Juice, peas, Mama," he now says, "I want juice, peas, Mama." He is such a little talker when he is comfortable. He is a smart little boy. He knows shapes, colors, numbers and letters back and forth and up and down. I have noticed what a caregiver he seems to be, as well. I see him bringing Elijah his water bottle or his shoes or a cracker and saying, "Here you go, Uh-YA-YA." If I give Sammy a treat, he will say, "Uh-YA-YA, too?" So I give him two treats, and he will happily share one with his brother. Another crazy thing about Sammy is that he OBEYS. We aren't quite used to this! :) If I ask him to please pick up his shapes game, he will go and DO IT. ??? Without complaining! He will put every single little teeny shape into the box and bring the box back to the shelf. Wonderful! What is going on?!

And Elijah. I had some sweet moments with him today. I made extra extra extra effort to spend quality time with him while I could. He needs SO MUCH QT in order to be a totally happy little boy. This helps his attitude and behavior tremendously. We had a long and busy morning, so I had him lay down for a nap this afternoon, which typically happens once a week or so. I laid down with him as he was falling asleep, and he had his little arms wrapped around me super tightly. "Mama, I love you!" "Mama! You are so pretty!" "Mama, you are nice!" Jeez, I could have laid there forever! Usually I hear very much the opposite of all of these things from him. :)

The boys and I plan to head to the dropzone to visit Dan tomorrow and spend a few nights there with him and our skydiving friends. We are all looking forward to it. I hope you all have a great weekend! Thank you so much for taking the time to check in on us!


Cecilia said...

Well done, Elijah!

Have a good weekend with your three gorgeous men and your skydiving friends!

Sarah said...

Yeah for potty success! Wow - I wouldn't know what to do with Sammy's cooperativeness either! It's been crazy hot here too... Breaking records everyday. My hubby does heating/air & was on call of course the hottest week - 70+ hours! I feel bad for them but thankful for jobs.