Monday, July 2, 2012

HOT family fun day

It has been HOT here in Minnesota. Super hot. When we don't have the sprinkler running and the pool blown up, we are staying inside and playing legos (and getting along..???).

But I admit to having a bit of a warm-weather addiction this summer. I am LOVING being outside and enjoying sprinklers.

Elijah has been spending countless hours in the blow-up pool.

He is a little fishy, who refuses to put his head underwater or run through a sprinkler.

Sammy still stays far far away from anything having to do with water.

Today was our Saturday, which means we had a family day. We went to the zoo in the morning and spent a short time in the splash park before getting back in our cool car and heading home.

The P-business has been mostly good. We have had at least one success per day and a minimum of one accident per day. Except for today when we had neither of either.

We were all so hot after the zoo today. Here is Sammy comforting himself on the car ride home. Look at this sweet boy!

I tried to get all three boys into all three zoo turtles, but Sammy didn't want to cooperate. So here are TWO of my turtles! When I showed E this photo, he said, "I look scary happy!" I thought that was a perfect description.

This was a unique moment. I heard Elijah say, "Come here, Sammy! Let me help you!" WHAT?! So I took a picture. I don't hear those words very often.

As I said, Sammy is not a huge fan of water these days. And he HATES having his clothes off. The water surprised him a bit here!

Tomorrow is another family day. We love having Daddy at home!

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Cecilia said...

Looks like you guys had a great day out, love all the pics!

Have a nice week!