Friday, June 29, 2012

A Heart Walk THANK YOU!

The Heart Walk 2012 numbers are in! This year $360,000 was raised to support pediatric cardiac care at Children's in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. That is AWESOME! Awesome awesome awesome.

We had a number of generous family members and friends donate money in Elijah's honor and we want to thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts! This cause is so near and dear to us. Thank you for supporting our boy and our family. And an extra thank you to those of you who walked with us last weekend. We love you all so much and appreciate your generosity and kindness more than you will ever know!

And in honor of our special-hearted boy, here is a series of bare-chested dance moves that I captured with my camera the other day..

What a week it has been! Honestly, I am glad it is done. I had a crazy deadline that I managed to meet (yay!) and we got some other annoying stuff out of the way, too.

Elijah had a BIG potty success today, and then an accident at the very end of the day. Baaaay-beeeee-steppppps.

I hope you are all doing well this week. Thank you for checking in on us!

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Cecilia said...

Elijah is such a good dancer!

Have a good and fun weekend!