Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heart Walk 2012!

The Heart Walk today went great! Elijah and Sammy sat nicely in the stroller while I pushed their 70 pounds for 3 miles. :) It was honestly such an awesome event to be a part of. There were literally thousands and thousands of people there, walking and running and raising money in honor of loved-ones, just like we were. We had a few friends walk along with us, and it felt incredible to have their support! I can't help but get teary thinking about the fact that my friends Kendis and Chris drove 4+ hours from Bemidji to be a part of our day. And then they prepared the most delicious picnic lunch for us, complete with chicken-avocado wraps, PBandJ roll-ups for the boys, juice boxes, cheese sticks (E's fave), berries (S's fave), chips, water and brownies. Holy cow! We felt so special and blessed! We have the world's best family and friends, and I will always stand by that statement. (I don't have photos of the picnic because my phone died!)

I talked with Elijah a few times today about the meaning of the Walk. I think he somewhat understood, but not fully. It will be another year or two before he comprehends the true meaning of having a "special heart."

When we were just getting ready to start the Walk, we were approached by none other than our very own Dr. G (and his three beautiful children...holy cow)! As always, it is always nice to see him. That man has taken such good care of our little boy's heart. He will always have a very special place in all of our hearts. He pointed to E and he told his children, "Hey, see that little boy?! On his 18th birthday, the two of us are going to make our first skydives together!" Dan and I have bugged him for years to go skydiving, so it was fun to hear him say that. I told him I would draw up a contract and have him sign it at our next visit. :)

And here are my silly boys this evening, wearing a colander and pan on their heads. Of course! By the way, the pan you see on Sammy's head is the same pan I wore on my head as a child. :) (I apologize for the underwear-clad boy. It was too cute of a photo not to post.)

I won't get much into potty woes tonight, but I will say that it was another disappointing day. Two accidents (thankfully post-Walk), loss of dropzone-visiting privileges and a few tears. Hopefully some lessons were learned. We did a lot of positive talking about it all. Consistency WILL pay off, dangit! I am determined.

And that is all I have for tonight. Thank you for checking in and for being a part of our lives!


Cecilia said...

Glad you had a great Heart Walk with your two little men and good friends!

Yap, Elijah and Sammy are seriously cute ...

Katherine said...

They are so cute!