Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Potty news and a fun new dz trip!

E had a super teeny tiny poopy accident in his pants today. It was little, but enough that we considered it an "accident" for the first time in nine days. We were bummed! He felt terrible about it. He lost the privileges listed on his potty chart for the day, and he was very upset about that. We are hoping this shapes his day positively tomorrow, and for the (20 million) days that follow.

We visited some good friends of ours yesterday at their new dropzone. We are so happy for them and their new venture! The boys had a great time playing with the two sweetest little twins ever! We have such amazing friends.

Is this love?? You decide.

Look at this cute little boy, Bodi! He is just the sweetest thing.

Sammy was drawn to his friend Sofi's pink chair. When he got off, he would carry it around with him wherever he went. :)

Our friends Tammy and Doug have such an amazing story. We love them and their beauties!

"Look! Daddy is skydiving!"

And here is the beautiful Sofi!

What do you want, Mama?!

Chillin'. Waiting for skydivers to fall from the sky.

We are hoping for good weather tomorrow so Dan can work! I am hoping to get a productive day in, too, while the boys play with their friends at daycare for a few hours.

I have to end with a conversation I overheard Elijah having with himself tonight:

"Hi! Do you want to have a pic-mick?"
"Yeah! Sounds great!"
"What do you want to put in the pic-mick back-set?"
"Uhhmmm, let's put in some sandwiches and apple slices and cheese and Red Bull (um, my weakness lately) and water and milk and beard (I think he meant "beer") and buffalo chicken pants!"
"Great! Let's go have our pic-mick!"


Thanks for checking in! If you live in the area and would like to join us on our Heart Walk on Saturday, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

We had such a fun time too! I just wish we had more time together. I enjoyed our chat on parenting and feel so good knowing we have the same perspective! Your boys are perfect role models for the twins, they can come play anytime! I didn't realize you still had a blog. Such a great way for everyone can stay up intune to the boys. I should start one of the twins.
Let's get a zoo date on rhe calendar! Any day but Thursday works for us.
Oh, and great job E on Potty training!
We love you guys!

Cecilia said...

Love all the pictures of Elijah and Sammy!

Hope you're feeling better now.