Monday, June 18, 2012

Yes, we have reached Day 8!

Removing potty & pooping strife from our lives has improved the quality of our lives GREATLY. I wish I could somehow relay to you how tumultuous our daily lives had been for the past three to six (or more) months, but I really wouldn't want to do that because it was very rough at times. I have freaked out on Elijah sooo many times (not proud of that at all) and I pictured him, many times, as a 15-year-old still pooping in his pants.

The past week has been WONDERFUL. Without that daily (sometimes four times a day) strife, things are just...smooth. And peaceful. THANK. GOD.

Again today, E told us when he had to go, and followed through. He is still soooo excited about his potty chart and all of the "prizes" (as he refers to them) he has yet to acquire.

Once we feel that this "stage" is solid, we will work on not having to remind him to go pee. We still do reminders, so hopefully soon we won't even need to do that! WE ARE SO SO SO SO PROUD AND HAPPY. Did I mention we were happy?! HAPPY! PROUD!

This photo is of Elijah gazing longingly at the potty "prize" he received from Grammie and Gramps in the mail today! A gift card for McDonald's to get an ice cream cone! YAY, ELIJAH!!!!!

I had to make a quick very-early-morning trip to the ER for a very painful ear infection, to go along with my upper respiratory infection that has lasted almost a week now. I'm now on meds, so better days are ahead! Sammy is finally feeling better. We are praying hard for a healthy summer for our family!


The Smith's said...

Oh Megan, I am so happy to read about Elijah's progress!! Yay!!!!

Cecilia said...

Elijah is such a special and amazing kid!

Hope you feel better very soon.

jencooper said...

Just getting caught up!! Summer has been anything but relaxing!

WAY TO GO ELIJAH!! I am soooo proud of him!!!

Ear infections are no fun. I dealt with that a few weeks ago and it is miserable!

Hope you continue to have a wonderful potty week!!