Monday, June 11, 2012

Progress, people!

Progress is being made here in our home in regards to potty! Exciting!! We have talked a whoooole lot about pooping in the past few days. :) We talk about our new chart dozens of times every day, reviewing it, pondering the "surprises" and also the loss of privileges, constantly checking pants and discussing everything about the topic.

My stepmom promised Elijah that after his first poop in the toilet she would send him a special treat in the mail. He has been talking about this for the past 24 hours non-stop. "Grammie is going to send me a special treat?!" "If you go in the toilet, yes!"

Tonight Elijah asked for confirmation from Dan that pooping in the toilet equalled a treat from Grammie. Dan confirmed that, and Elijah went to the bathroom and POOPED IN THE TOILET, with no complaining. The celebrating and dancing and praising that occurred in our house after that was immense! We were all elated, including Elijah!

Even if the next few days or weeks continue as they have been, this is a huge huge step in the right direction! YAY, ELIJAH! We are making progress in small bits, and I will take that.

Dan has tomorrow off work, so we may do something fun as a family in the morning. Sammy is feeling a little bit better, but still has a sad little cough. Last night around midnight his cough was croupy enough that I took him out of his crib. If you know me, you will know this is a big deal! Our boys stay in their beds unless something major happens.

I brought him into bed with Dan and me (his first time ever sleeping with us) and snuggled with him. He is such a little snuggler! Every time I tried to lay him down next to me he would cry and literally crawl on top of me and drape himself over my body and bury his head as deep into my shoulder/neck as he could. And so that is how we slept for a good chunk of the night. I didn't get a ton of sleep, but that was ok with me. I was able to be close and listen to his breathing AND get major snuggling! After a few hours of this, and after his breathing sounded better, I had Dan bring him back to bed where he slept peacefully for the rest of the night.

Not having Elijah in school this week has been strange! I have used the caged lion analogy before and I honestly feel like he needs that school-type outlet (being OUT of the house) in order to be a happy little boy. I have all kinds of ideas in mind for the summer for keeping his little mind and body busy. Sammy's too, of course, but he doesn't seem to need it quite as much. I am excited for a non-working (or should I say, self-employed!) summer where I have more time to spend with these two awesome little people!

That's all for now! Dan and I are going to relax outside in the cool evening air for a bit! Have a great week, everyone.


dxeechick said...

exciting times :)

Lacey said...

I don't know where you live, but Tamarack Nature Center in White Bear Township is amazing! My kids loved it and cried when we left, even though we were there for FOUR HOURS! It is also free this summer. If it's not too far from you, check it out:-) It is easy to find if you just google it, you'll get the address. I think your boys would like it.

Cecilia said...

Well done, Elijah!

Have a fun weekend xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love the D. and E. pic. Camels need a haircut! I can't imagine S. being scaaaaaared!! And YES-- way to go, Big E!! You're doing a great job!