Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sicky Sammy and more on poo

I don't know why this is, but Friday afternoons seem to be our days for discovering sickness. After Sammy's nap yesterday, things were amiss. He had a red, swollen, goopy left eye and a croupy cough. In standard Friday evening fashion, I packed up some snacks and water and my beautiful boys and headed to the clinic.

Sammy has pink eye and his stridor/cough was enough of a concern that the doctor gave him a steroids shot. This morning he woke up so pathetic and sick, my poor, sweet little Sammy! He kept running to the opposite side of the room from me and crouching in the corner and whimpering. :( Poor guy. Putting the eye drops into his little crying eye four times today was quite the ordeal! He seemed to be feeling slightly better tonight, so I'm hoping for a good night of sleep for him.

The potty, oh, the potty....
"We" have spent a lot of hours in the bathroom for the past few days. I feel like there is a newborn in our house who is doing sleep training! It is heart-wrenching and completely maddening!

Elijah FULLY comprehends his potty chart and the concept of all potty responsibilities. He explains it to me in super crazy detail and I find him staring at his new chart for long periods of time. He gets it. Totally gets it. He knows that pooping in his pants equals strife. He knows that pooping in the toilet equals fun, happy things.

I am determined to take care of this, and I will be strict mama until it happens. Like my boy, I have a strong will, and I will not back down!

There was slow but evident progress today. I won't get into the details, but slight progress was made. I will take any amount of progress at this point.

I have had a few people let me know that they think I am being too strict with this potty stuff, and I want to say that I disagree. I feel like Elijah is lucky to have parents who will take this stand with him. It is in his best interest. Dan and I are his parents and we know him better than anyone else!

And that is that for our day. Here's to a good tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Ugh, seriously! We know you love your son, and yes, parents know their children best. Every parent makes mistakes, no parent does everything right, or *gasp* knows what is right for their kid. Sometimes outside advice, even critical advice is needed. I know you don't think you are a perfect parent, but we all know you love Elijah and that you both know him best, but omg learn to take advice without getting so defensive. You may find that another person could have insight, and in sharing that insight they are not questioning your parenting ability or how well you know and love your son. I think you are in desperate need of professional advice on this potty training fiasco and I hope you get it soon.

Lacey said...

Ummm, okay. I feel like I am entering dangerous territory here, but I will just share that I think this, as you know is totally about control for Elijah. Kids aren't in control of many things, but they can decide when or where they poop or pee, and whether or not they will eat. The question is how do you make Elijah feel like he is in charge in a positive way? I have no idea, probs time for an expert to come in, can one of his therapists help? Good luck, hope Sammy feels better!

The Portas said...

Hi Anonymous! Part of me feels like I should defend myself, but if my husband were here (my voice of reason) he would tell me it's not worth my energy. If you knew me or my family at all, you would know that we have kept ourselves very open to outside advice. That's all I will say about that.

The "Ugh, seriously!" and general tone of your comment was a bit uncalled for, I thought. I sense that you are annoyed and if that is the case, no one is forcing you to read this blog! When I read a blog or post that annoys me, I click away!


Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say something postitive after Anonymous was such a Debbie Downer. I love your blog and reading about your boys. I can't even remember how I found it but have been reading for years. Hope Sammy gets to feeling better and Elijah surrenders his battle! I am not a mom but I think you are doing a great job! They are both so adorable. Katherine

Dan Porta said...

One of the main purposes for this website is to inform our family and help and guide other parents who might be facing the same circumstances that we have faced as a couple/family. Because of this, we keep this blog public.

The "problem" with having a public blog is receiving immature, uninformed comments. My wife and I do what is best for our boys. We will continue to keep this blog public because other similar blogs have helped us as we've gone through our journey with our boys.

We apologize to everyone for any drama! We will continue to post in candor, even amidst the inappropriate comments.

Husband Dan

Cecilia said...

We hope Sammy gets better very soon xoxo