Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sammy turns 2 (and has a well visit)!

We had two fun little birthday parties for our two-year-old SAMMY! One at the dropzone and one here at home. Here is Elijah showing Sam how old he is now. "You are TWO, Sammy."

Two years ago this was our 7-pound Samson!

And here is our independent little monkey today.

It is hard to believe that two years have passed since that day when we first met our growling, gorgeous second-born. Time is such an odd thing, isn't it?

At Sammy's well visit today the doctor went over all of the usual stuff. Is he eating well? Sleeping well? Growing well? Yes, yes and yes. Sooo, do you have any concerns? Hmmm...I thought hard about that, but couldn't come up with a thing. Oh wait! Thumb sucking! I asked if we should be concerned about it and the doctor thought no. If he is still sucking his thumb two years from now, then we will attempt to stop it. For now, soothe away, Sammy!

Here were his 2-year statistics:
27 lbs, 7 oz (43rd percentile)
36 inches (87th percentile and only 4 inches shorter than his bro)

He got one vaccination and one finger-poke, and he didn't flinch or cry one bit, in typical Sammy fashion.

Do you like Emma's green teeth?! :) We all had green teeth, by the way, Emma just happened to have hers captured by my camera.

Sammy got some very thoughtful gifts for his birthday! He received some specially stitched t-shirts, books, balls, clothes and a toy lawn mower!

I'm pretty sure Elijah has been enjoying Sam's toys more than Sammy has been!

Coincidentally, Dan's day off was on Sammy's birthday, so we were able to have a special family day together. Dan made special birthday pancakes for breakfast and while Elijah was at school, Dan and I took Sammy to his favorite park (the "colorful" park, as the boys call it). When Elijah got home, we had Sam open our gifts and enjoyed lunch together. After nap we prepared for his second party and enjoyed a fun evening with family!

Today we all went to a park near Elijah's school along with his preschool class to celebrate his last day. Except, it wasn't really his last day. We get to do the same thing again tomorrow since he was a part of both the M-W-F class AND the T-Th class. We have always known this, but we saw evidence today that his teachers ADORE him. I love that. 

I have been thinking a lot over the past couple days about our Elijah and his behaviors and I have realized that...well, um, he kinda sorta takes after his mama in some regard. There are certain things that I have done (and refused to do) in my life that have pointed to the fact that I AM STUBBORN. I have a feeling Elijah is taking after his mama! There are just things he wants to do and doesn't want to do. I can understand that.

Dan and I need to sit down and rethink the potty issue. We were able to deal with it so patiently and in such a detached way for so long, but we have fallen back into getting upset and emotional about it. Neither method proved to be effective. We don't know what we will try next. All I know is that this is getting really really really really really really really really old. 

I tried to sit Sammy on the potty chair this morning and he FLIPPED OUT. He refused to let his butt touch the toilet. He kept running to the stairs, grabbing a diaper and handing it to me while crying and saying, "Diiiii-peerrrrrrr OOONnnnnn!" Upon chatting with his doctor about it today, she suggested we hold off and try again in a few weeks.

Tomorrow we will enjoy more of Elijah's friends on his official last day of school. Our boy will be in kindergarten next year! I'm feeling both very sad and very happy about that. Since I'm not working full-time now, I have so many things I want to accomplish with the boys this summer. I am planning on making lots of zoo, park, museum, pool, beach and dropzone trips. It is going to be one fun summer!

I love this photo of Auntie Lissa, Emma and Sammy!

Dan has been working at the dropzone as much as possible, and as weather permits. Our financial situation is an interesting one right now! We keep praying that we can continue to keep our house and that our very old cars continue to run. 

I am trying to get as much photography business as possible while I continue with my food blog. I enjoy both of those things so very much. 

Ok, this was cute. Some dropzone friends of ours have an adorable little girl, Myla. Sammy is DRAWN to her. And, Sammy isn't drawn to anyone (but Dan and me), really. On Saturday at his party, he followed her around like a little shadow. After I put him to bed, for honestly one hour straight, I could hear him yelling, "Myyyyy-yaaaaaaa....where aaaaaare yoooooou?!" So cute!

Here is a typical meal in our trailer. Toys, a show, some food, quiet time, sunshine and (mostly) peace.

Elijah wrote Sammy's name all by himself on his card!

This has been Elijah's bus driver for his preschool career! She is such a sweet lady and we have been so appreciative of the way she has interacted with and cared for Elijah. The bus ride to and from school has always been on my list of Major Mama Anxieties, so I have always been very thankful for her!! We were sad to say goodbye to her on Monday. Another chapter awaits..

One last thing and then I will stop yapping and let you look at the rest of our (tons of) photos. There is a tree at the place Elijah receives OT and PT that he has always been drawn to. One day he said, "Mom! That tree's name is Willy!" Ok, cool! So now every time we get there, we greet Willy and we approach him and touch him and talk to him. This past Monday, Elijah said, "Look at you, Willy! You are growing so nicely!" :) I don't know what it is, but he just adores Willy!

Enjoy the rest of the birthday photos (and some unrelated to birthday, too). Thanks for checking in and have a great week!


jencooper said...

Goodness....those boys are adorable! I sure love seeing those pictures of them!!

Happy birthday Sammy!

Cecilia said...

Just couldn't believe that Sammy is a big boy now!

Happy Birthday Sammy Jammy xoxo