Sunday, June 10, 2012

OHS #3 anniversary

Today is a significant day for us! I have been thinking back all day to what happened one year ago. Elijah rocked his third open heart surgery! Here are a few video clips from that day..

A lot has happened since that day one year ago. It has been quite the year for our family! It's surreal to think about it all.

Elijah's OHS anniversaries are packed with meaning for me. These experiences have hugely helped to shape me and the rest of my family into who we are!

Thanks to the WIND (ha! whoever thought I'd be thankful for wind!), Dan was able to spend the afternoon at home. He and Elijah got some special time together, putting Lego Zurg together (thanks, Cecilia and Paul!) and playing chess.

I was making dinner while the chess game was taking place, and I felt bad for our sweet Sammy. He felt left out! He had his own solo "chess" game going on on the other side of the table and kept saying, "Fammy dess!" Sweet boy.

Thanks for checking in! Have a great week, you guys!


Cecilia said...

Happy 3rd OHS! What a special journey for The Portas!!!

dxeechick said...

Stevie will have his 3rd OHS when he is about Elijah's age. I can't say I look forward to it, but you are right about how it shapes you and your family. Everyone becomes pretty tough!! Internet hugs to you guys