Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Poo and zoo and kindness, too.

I fully realize that this may be a complete fluke (hoping not, though!), but we are on Elijah's SECOND day of having completely dry pants and he has put TWO checks on his pooping chart! We will see what the next few days bring!

I left the house for a short time this afternoon and came back home to this cuteness! Dan gave permission to post this. :)

Two things that we will continue to renew, despite our economic worries, are our zoo and Children's Museum memberships. These are both things that we get more than our money's worth out of!

Today, on Dan's day off (I love family day!), we took a morning zoo trip. It is so much fun to see the boys loving the animals and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

This was a mock computer set-up near the tiger exhibit that Elijah and Sammy were both drawn to. Both of them started drawing their fingers over the fake computer screen. Apparently we live in the age of technology! :) I think they were looking for Angry Birds!

Sammy seemed to be feeling a little bit better today. Part of the way through our zoo trip he got a little bit grumpy (not blaming him), but he was mostly very happy to be there.

Elijah was strangely VERY sweet with Sammy today. "Wook at the buffalo, Sam!" "Do you want to sit by me in the stroller, Sammy?"

Dan and I both noticed a maturity about Elijah today. He listened to us (for the most part) and he was very pleasant to be around. Keep it up, sweet boy!

The boys kept trying to squeeze into the back of the stroller together. It was snug, but I think they liked the closeness.

Sammy stared at these guys for a long time!

I learned today that Asian Wild Horses are the only true wild horses in existence. All other "wild" horses are descendants of domesticated animals.

Sammy started this thing today (at the top of this slide) where he put his fists up to his face and said, "I scaaaaared!" He shook his little body and stomped his feet on the ground. I gently encouraged him to go down the slide and he did great!

Elijah, for the past year or so, has been such a brave boy with "big slides." He used to be terrified of slides, so I praise him like crazy, still, every time he goes down a big slide.

Crossing the "scary bridge."

This reminds both Elijah and me of the pipe in Horton Hears a Who that Horton and The Mayor talk to each other through. :)

Beautiful boy!

Heh-wwooooooohhh?! Horton?

I took a similar photo of Elijah at the same park at the zoo almost exactly one year ago, after his last heart surgery. I remember feeling so grateful a year ago to be at the zoo, watching our oldest monkey run around literally ONE WEEK after having heart surgery.

Hasn't he grown up so much since then?! Notice that in the below photo (at age 4), he was wearing the exact same shoes that Sammy is wearing now (at just barely 2). He has grown so much (in so many ways) since his last surgery.

We had a great day! Hoping for many more of these. Thank you for checking in! xo


mina said...

Yay for potty progress!

Love the picture of dad and son sleeping together. Those are the sweetest moments!

Cecilia said...

Love all the lovely pictures, so sweet!

jencooper said...

Love the pics of the boys!! They are getting so big. I am so happy that you were able to have some fun, quality family time together.

Way to go on some potty progress! You can do it buddy!

Our pediatrician told me "I know that Grace drives you crazy with some of her behaviors, but let's face it. That is what has kept her alive!" Hang in there, Mama.

We think the Porta's are pretty fabulous!!

Sarah said...

I agree with Jen for sure! Our cardio said the same thing about Evan, "I know he is extremely strong willed but that is what has kept him alive!"