Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sickness and infection, but great news, too!

Yesterday I woke up with the sickness Sammy has had, which is turning out to be loads of fun! I have no voice (which is fun with two little boys around) and a lovely sore throat, neck and head.

Then this morning Elijah told me his leg was hurting. I felt around and found a HUGE bump on his right calf. Upon inspection, there was a red spot about the size of a baseball with a smaller, darker red circle in the middle. The smaller circle was hard and HOT! I got him in to see the doctor right away and he confirmed that it is an infection, likely caused by a bug bite. He does react to mosquito bites more intensely than most people, so I am guessing that is what may have started it. I can't believe, with my eagle eye regarding anything to do with my boys, that I didn't see this before this morning.

We have him on a high dose of oral antibiotics, but this thing is freaking me out. The doctor drew with a pen around the perimeter of the redness this morning, and it has already grown outside of the pen marks. He is having a hard time bearing weight on his right leg, and it is obviously very uncomfortable for him. Dr. J told us to wait a day before bringing him back in. He said that if the redness filled up a good portion of his calf and/or if he contracted a fever, we may have to do IV antibiotics. PLEASE pray for this to go away with the meds we have at home!

At least one of the four of us has had some sort of illness literally since March. I am ready for us all to be healthy! Even if it is just for a measly week!

In GREAT news, though...get ready for this..
Elijah has just about completed four days in a row of having completely dry/clean pants! This morning we were all in the living room and out of the blue he said, "Mom! I have to go poop in the toilet!" and ran to the bathroom and did just that. !!!!! That is the first time EVER that he has told anyone he has had to go before it happens and then following through! And happily! This makes me one happy mama. I pray that it continues. He is loving this poop chart, and we have been good about having his rewards visible so he can see what he will be getting next. I have been putting little handfuls of candy into Ziploc bags and hanging them where he can see them but cannot reach them. We have continued to talk about his rewards and chart and pooping A LOT, which I think is helping, too.

That's all for now. Please pray for Elijah's infection to clear up with no further drama! Thank you!

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Cecilia said...

Sending our blessings your way and hopefull you and Elijah get better soon.

Have a healthy and fun weekend!