Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day to, most importantly, MY dad, who I love more than I could ever express to you. This man has held my heart for my entire life. Also, of course, to my wonderful husband, who is an amazing father to our two beauties. I am blessed to have such wonderful dads in my life!

Dan has been working hard for a few days in a row and we haven't seen him since early Friday morning. So this morning I made a spontaneous decision to bring the boys to the dropzone to surprise him! We brought him a little gift and some lunch and lots of love and hugs. The boys were very excited to see Daddy.

Tonight the little boys and I were able to spend some time with family, celebrating the day o' fathers. It is always so fun to watch the cousins play with each other. Elijah and his cousin Miya are exactly one year apart in age, so they are drawn to each other (when Elijah isn't being too dramatic). :)

The older kids were having a Nerf war, so E and Miya wanted to be a part of it, too. Kind of. From way far away. They look pretty serious!

I'm picturing these two about 13 years from now. Elijah is taking Mama's car, promising Sammy it's going to be ok, while Sam sits back and enjoys the ride. With a football in his hands. :)

Driving the pink Surfer Girl car! Of course!

Miya taught Sammy how to drive today! "This is reverse and this is forward!"

At least they wore their pink seat belts!

I snapped this photo today during our travels. It is just so Sammy! Arms behind the head, totally chill. I love this kid to pieces!

And last but not least....Elijah has officially completed SEVEN DAYS of having dry/clean pants! I can hardly believe I am saying that. The treats and rewards just keep on coming for him and he is loving it. We are elated. Or I should say I am elated, since Dan hasn't been home much. He will be elated, too, once he has more time with us in the next few days.


And Happy Father's Day to the dads!

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Cecilia said...

Happy Father's Day to Dan and all the wonderful dads!