Monday, June 25, 2012

Family time

This is my favorite photo of the day. Once in a while they actually do look out for one another.

Dan was HOME today! We had a fun morning together at the zoo. The boys absolutely love that place. Elijah flaps his arms like crazy and Sammy stomps his little feet on the ground out of sheer excitement. On hot days, the zoo splash park is a great place to hang out.

We checked out the farm animals today, which was a bit of a treat. We typically bypass this part of the zoo since it requires a tractor ride and a considerable time commitment. It was fun!

We even treated the boys to an ice cream cone at the farm. Sammy loved the ice cream and Elijah loved the cone. :) 

See? Brotherly love happens on occasion! (My second favorite photo of the day.)

Here is a typical image of our boys. Sammy is trying to climb over the fence while Elijah stays grounded with a toy (security) in his hand.

I love this! Sammy looks so cute with his little lamb. :)

E looks like a good (slightly tired) farm boy.

I can't even think about all that I/we need to accomplish this week. I am hosting a dinner party tomorrow night for my food blog and I don't even have my menu nailed down. I'm such a procrastinator! Why do I do this to myself?!

Here are a few more photos from our niece's baseball game yesterday. They come courtesy of my mother-in-law. Look at Sammy and his "Bames!" I love this!

Here are the boys with their cousin Alyssa and the Twins mascot, T.C. Bear. I love Sammy's expression.

Elijah loved the bear and couldn't get enough of him. :)

We had a couple mild potty accidents/partial successes today. We are constantly working on it! :) Thanks for checking in!

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Cecilia said...

What a fun family Day Out! Like all the pictures, so lovely!