Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer fun continues!

The weather continues to be hot in MN, and we continue to thoroughly enjoy our summer days. Dan was home again today, so we journeyed to a new fun HUGE park this morning. Elijah was in pure bliss, running all over the place (making Dan chase him through tiny tunnels).

Sammy hung close to Mama, his favorite place to be lately. Any time I give any hint that I might be leaving him, he runs to me and says, "Don't 'eave, Mama!" and wraps his little arms tightly around me. I love that sweet boy so much.

Elijah loved the "purple bumpy" slide today!

Neither of the boys could be talked into running through the misters, so Dan and I ran through to cool off. Then we had a snack and headed home.

Despite the heat, Elijah wanted to be outside, splashing in our blow-up pool. There was zero wind today, but I sat out there with my boy and sweat buckets for his enjoyment. :)

We have more fun plans for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Summer is good! We hope you all are enjoying it, as well!

ps. Potty was good today. One big success (and "prize") and no accidents!

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Cecilia said...

Elijah looks smart and terrific in glasses!

Have a good week!