Sunday, July 15, 2012

Letting go

Wow, what a weekend! My sister Lynn generously offered to take both boys with her and her family up to their cabin for the entire weekend. I was reluctant to let them go at first. I spend so much time with them now that being away from them seems unnatural. I always worry about Elijah's croup and Sammy being so clingy and on and on.. I decided to just LET GO and let them go have a blast with their Auntie and cousins. It was tough! Sammy was so upset with me when I said goodbye to him on Friday night. :( I shed a few tears as we drove away from each other.

But everything was great, all around. The boys had a blast, even Sammy. And I got to spend an entire weekend at the dropzone with my husband! Let me tell you, it was weird not to have the boys there, but it was so very awesome. I haven't been alone at the dropzone with Dan since before Elijah was born! 

Once I decided that I was going to let the boys go with my sister for the weekend, I also decided that I was going to go skydiving for the first time in four years! 

And so, I went skydiving three times on Saturday. It felt AMAZING. 

I was nervous before my first jump. Thankfully I had Dan next to me. He always calms me.

Apparently I bite my lower lip a lot when I am nervous. Here I am, on my way to the door!

Here is our exit! Our friend Casey was kind enough to film the jump for me and snap a few photos, as well.

Still biting lower lip. :)

It felt so good to be in the sky again! That is the one place that has always made me forget my worries and feel totally and completely good and free.

We had to do a sky smooch, of course. :)

Breaking away to get into a sitting position..

The transition..

And Dan flipped back onto his belly because that's where he is most comfortable. He is an awesome belly flier. I am not!

Casey was literally flying circles around me. I was impressed with his flying and so happy to be falling through the sky, hence the very happy and smiley face!

I am still on cloud 9. I am hoping to continue to jump a bit this summer, when it works out.

The boys were a complete mess tonight. They were exhausted from having such a fun and busy weekend. Elijah was defiant and even Sammy had some breakdowns. They were in bed very early tonight!

Elijah is still having very occasional accidents. He had one today about 10 seconds after I arrived to pick him up. Nice. But then he had a big success later, which earned him a trip to the MOA for mall rides! Woooo!

Dan has the next two days off, which I am sooo excited about! Hopefully we will be able to squeeze in some fun adventures, and get rested up, as well.

Thanks for checking in!


Christine said...

I am sooo glad you got in the sky again! woo-hoo. good for you. love the pants!

Deb Nichols said...

Megs, I am AMAZED that you are brave enough to sky dive!!! So glad that you were able to return to something that makes you so happy:) Enjoyed the photos...that's as close as I will ever get to sky diving;)

Cecilia said...

Looks like you had a great and quality time with Dan!

Have a good week!

Wendy said...

That is an awesome dive plane! How high were your jumps? And always have to have a kiss pass....just sayin.

Do you use the term Wuffoes? For the people on the ground???

The Portas said...

We use "whuffo" a lot! :) We jump from 13k, and yes, kiss passes are the best! :)