Thursday, July 17, 2014

Challenges and some sadness.

I got a bad report from our daycare provider regarding Elijah's behavior while the boys were at her house today. I am so sad and upset about it, but mostly I am sad that there are going to be so many times in Elijah's life when people are not going to understand him or have the patience or time to understand how he perceives the world. I know what he needs better than anyone else, and lately I feel like I literally cannot leave him with ANYONE for extended periods of time without all parties suffering...only because the situation is so complex (NOT because he is a bad kid). He is a truly good person who happens to have incredible challenges to face every day. Challenges that most of the rest of us will never know.

I feel so sad tonight. I had very little patience with the boys and I found myself getting upset about everything. Then Sammy insisted on putting himself to bed, which broke my heart. He read himself a story, said prayers and sang songs all by himself. :( Ouch.

I am always so amazed by and thankful for the way that we are refreshed with each new day. I am excited to see my boys in the morning with fresh eyes (and vice versa). I love them and I hope they ALWAYS know that truth!

To make up for the downer post, I'll give you a few more "funnies" we heard Sammy say today. At separate times when he got upset with Dan or me, he said:
"Whiney kids go to ZOOS!"
"Screaming is NICE!"

Oye. Bring on the sass! :) Praying for winds of change for the weekend...and for a great weekend for you, as well!

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jencooper said...

Love my Elijah boy. Hang in there. We all have those days and it makes us sad. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Love all of you!!