Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Home with a vomiting asterisk

We are home! Elijah has thrown up a handful of times since leaving the hospital, so we are on dehydration alert. Dan and I both feel like it is anesthesia vomit as opposed to inner ear vomit (this is a good thing). We are hoping his tummy will settle overnight and that he will feel much better in the morning. It took him a while to wake up after surgery. He was soooo groggy and sleepy.

Around 4:30 we woke him up to give him juice, just so we could see if his tummy could handle it. He had nausea for most of the rest of the time we were at the hospital, but he didn't throw up until we left.

As always, the worst part of the ordeal was taking the tape off of his IV. Oh my goodness, this is so highly traumatic! I am personally going to invent something that can allow doctors and nurses to bypass having to place tape directly on skin. There just has to be a way! Without this, I think he would have had very minimal anxiety. One of my two favorite lines from the day occurred while the nurse and I worked on the IV tape. Elijah said, "This is NOT ok, Nursey!" :) My second favorite line was said on the way home. I sat in the back seat next to him because he wanted me to hold his head while also holding his puke bag up to his mouth. Then his left eye started to itch, so he wanted me to hold his soft blankie up to his eye. He saw that I couldn't do all three things, so he said, "Can you PLEASE have three hands, Mom?!"

We wheeled Elijah to the car as he held a bag to his face, just in case. He actually moved the bag aside and smiled when I took out Dan's phone to take a picture. That's our boy! 

We will watch him closely through the night. Hopefully his tummy settles and he will feel a ton better in the morning. He hasn't felt any pain yet, so we are hoping we keep that under control, as well.

We're also praying that the prosthetic device Dr. L placed in his ear will restore some/most of his hearing! We won't know this for a few weeks, but we will pray hard in the meantime. That's all for tonight. Please forgive me for any typos or things that may not make sense. We are tired! Also, grateful (for so many things) and ready for a new day tomorrow. Thank you for PRAYING and for checking in on us!!


jencooper said...

I love that boy and his lines!!! He is the best!!

Praying for a good night and even better tomorrow.

dxeechick said...

glad it went well - hope you have a restful night as possible.