Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Musings from a foggy brain

I'm not sure what has happened to my brain lately. I feel like I'm Dori from Finding Nemo or like maybe the brain-eating amoeba that has been in the news lately somehow found its way up my nasal cavity. This latest surgery has left me in a fog! It is nearly impossible for me to remember anything or plan further than a few hours in advance unless I write every single thing down. I completely forgot about Elijah's appointment with his developmental pediatrician yesterday (something I normally would NEVER do) and I have had to continually remind myself of other plans in order to not forget them. I hope this lifts soon, as it is very annoying!

I received a very unexpected treat today! Dan and his mom went in together and got me an early birthday gift: an afternoon at the spa! It was honestly incredible. I got the most wonderful massage, followed by an even better facial. After that was a manicure and a "blow-out" for my hair. I felt so special! I think every mama should get that treat once a year.

Here are a few boy funnies I've been collecting lately:

construction = instruction
four-wheeler = more-wheeler (love this one)
because = pecause
puddle = peddle
water = gua-gua (he's trying to say "agua" and it's so adorably cute)
Whenever Sammy is upset with Dan or me,  he yells at us, "You're BORING!" :)

Last weekend we had been sitting in the hot sun at the dropzone for a while, so Elijah announced to everyone, "I'll be back. I'm going to 'shade-up' in the hangar." We all loved it!

We have noticed a slight E potty improvement in the past few weeks. He will actually occasionally stop what he is doing to go use the bathroom with no prompting. We haven't seen him do this in sooo long, so it is a small baby step toward being potty trained. On the hearing note, I've been noticing that he is hearing differently. I'm assuming it means it's better overall, but we still have a few weeks before we'll know this for sure. Yesterday in the car he heard a clicking noise in a song that he has listened to a thousand times before and never heard. I hear him say, "What?" a lot more than before surgery, but I wonder if that's because he's hearing more/different sounds?!

Elijah's little friend from first grade stopped by to play tonight for the first time in a REALLY long time. He was sooo happy to see her. One of our very good skydiving friends also stopped by to pick up some baby stuff since she and her hubby are expecting and we are done expecting. It was sad for me! I was genuinely upset about saying good-bye to those things, and also about the idea of being done. :( I'm working through that. The boys get a day at daycare with their friends tomorrow while I edit photos and Dan jumps out of airplanes. The weekend will bring more dropzone time and we even have some friends who will hopefully be able to make their first skydives! I love being able to watch people experience the sky! It is one of my favorite things.

Have a great evening! Next time hopefully my head will be clearer and more organized. :)

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jencooper said...

Hang in there, friend. I hope you get back to normal very soon! I am so proud of E for his potty success. I love that boy!! We miss yall soo much!!!