Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Elijah's updated resume, impending IEP meeting and an injured thumb.

We have Elijah's IEP meeting bright and early in the morning, so I updated his resume! :)

We will let you know how the meeting goes! We expect good things. Elijah has had a good couple of days at school. Dan and I have been making an effort not to focus on behavior AT ALL. Instead of asking "Did you have a good day?" (like every day last year; real meaning of that question in his eyes: "Were you good today?") we say, "Did you have a fun day? What did you enjoy?" Last year we looked in his folder immediately to see notes from the teacher. This year we are not doing that.

We had an interesting afternoon in the Porta house! I have a HUGE bag of fresh apples, so I've been trying to cook and bake tons of apple recipes. This afternoon was Apple Pie Bread (soooo good!). In the process of peeling the apples, I cut my thumb. BAD. Blood was dripping all over the kitchen floor and I was moaning and sobbing from the pain. Thankfully Dan was home to help! Sammy was seriously upset about the ordeal. I'm pretty sure he thought I was dying. It was actually really sweet how concerned he was about me. He said the following lines repeatedly: "I need my nice mommy back! Mommy, please don't die! Ohhh, Mommy, please be ok again! I love you, my nice, sweet mommy!" 

I refuse to look at the wound. I've handed that task over to Dan. He is bandaging me as needed. And I've purchased an apple corer/peeler that should arrive later in the week.

More tomorrow! Please say an IEP prayer! :) Thanks for peeking in.

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Anonymous said...

As special education teacher myself, I love your parental goals!! I hope all went as well as it could have for his IEP meeting!!