Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yay for an awesome second grade team!

The boys have both been working toward earning a particular Lego Movie lego set for the past month or so. Yesterday they both had their respective charts completely checked off (Sammy's was to control sass/talking back and Elijah's was potty-related), so guess what we got today! I brought the boys to the store after school to pick it out and I honestly have NEVER seen them so happy and excited. Wow! They sure were excited about getting Lord Business' Evil Lair! :) Dan and I spent a good chunk of our evening putting it together and we aren't quite finished. Sammy and I will finish the rest tomorrow.

The meeting with Elijah's team went great yesterday morning! He has an entirely new team (minus his deaf and hard of hearing teacher) and I think this is a really good thing. We love his teacher and his new case manager. They are super positive and proactive. He even has a new DAPE teacher (developmental adapted physical education) and he seems awesome, too. He was an EBD teacher for many years and seemed excited about helping Elijah feel like he belongs in PE class. This is huge! Our boy has some great advocates this year and we feel very grateful!

Elijah has been talking more about friends this year, which is great. He loves his new friend John, who he has "meetings" with in Mr. F's office. The other day his class must have been practicing writing compliment notes because he had a few notes in his folder from girls in his class. One said, "Eligah: You make me smile and laugh." Awww. His teacher mentioned that she has been giving Elijah big hugs when she feels he needs them and I LOVE this and encouraged her to keep doing that. Elijah even mentioned it to me the other day: "Mom, Mrs. G gave me a big hug today and it made me feel reeeeeaallly good."

The plan is for some of his care team to observe him in various settings and for various purposes. Very little evaluating will need to be done (if any) since he has had so much done in the past 6 months. In about a month we will schedule another meeting to discuss possibly switching his label to Autism Spectrum Disorder instead of Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We feel like the ASD label would suit him much better, especially since he seems to be hearing so much better since surgery (official hearing test is next week).

We only had 30 minutes in the meeting and I feel like we could spend 2 hours discussing Elijah. Dan and I spoke quickly and I feel like we got the main points across that we wanted to. It was good to be able to fill in the gaps a bit since most of the teachers have just met him. We feel really positive about his team and the year ahead! Yay!

My thumb is feeling better after spending a few hours in the ER yesterday. A band-aid got stuck to my wound, so I spent hours yesterday trying to get it off. I couldn't handle the pain and crying any longer, so I had a nice doctor rip it off (OUCH) and clean it out for me. I am shooting a wedding tomorrow, so please pray that goes ok! Thanks for peeking in. I'll try to get a photo of the Evil Lair posted tomorrow. :) I know you'll just be dying to see it.

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