Friday, September 5, 2014

Week one of second grade done-zo.

Week one of second grade is done! We are feeling really good about the week and the year ahead. On Thursday afternoon I got a call from E's teacher. I saw the school's number pop up on my phone and my heart started racing. I knew the number well from last year. She was awesome and so so very kind. Elijah had reached a point of being overwhelmed and there was a minor incident with a classmate. She did the PERFECT thing. She calmly told him she was going to call me and did so immediately. From that point, he was able to turn things around and he was fine for the rest of the day. I was able to give her a few pointers so she could better understand how to deal with the situation. If this incident had occurred last year an entirely different scenario would have transpired afterward. We are feeling very grateful.

Elijah's new special education case manager, although we haven't officially met him yet, is AWESOME. In the four days Elijah has been in school, Mr. F has initiated a few one-on-one social situations for Elijah that have already been a success! Elijah and a friend from another class have been meeting for monitored play time together. Mr. F said that the boys formed a quick friendship and (when encouraged) found that they had a lot in common. Elijah has been talking about his new friend John and seems excited about the friendship. We SO appreciate this proactive approach! Elijah gets to spend time with Mr. F daily (away from class), which is great!

So far Elijah has told us:
- He really really REALLY wants to play the drums in music (so much that he started banging away on them, against the music teacher's wishes).
- "Mommy? I think my teacher this year might be better than my teacher last year."
- His favorite part of school so far is reading. :)
- Going to the bathroom after lunch (we told his teacher he NEEDS to do this) is annoying.
- His teacher has taught him to do stretches when he needs a break. I LOVE this!

Dan and I were very impressed with how well Elijah has held things together this week. He was a very tired boy tonight, so we put him to bed a little bit extra early. We feel so good about the people who will be caring for him while he is at school this year. Grateful grateful grateful!

I have been relishing my time with Sammy! I can't believe he will be in school full-time next year. :( We've had a few fun excursions this week and we will make the most of our time together this school year. I love my sweet, snuggly Sammy sooo much!

Weather permitting, Dan will be working all weekend. The boys and I may head to the dropzone tomorrow for some down time before another week of school begins. Have a great weekend and thanks for peeking in on our family!

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Anonymous said...

Yayy!!! I am so happy for E and for you guys! You all deserve this! I hope he has a fantastic school year! Even in college, and yes, this is my second degree, a wonderful teacher makes a HUGE difference, and I am a firm believer in that! I am stressed out about an exam that I have on Monday and your happy post brought a huge smile to my face:).

All the best,
Maggie J.