Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The left ear miracle

I'm typing through happy tears right now. We just got back from Elijah's ENT visit. His hearing test showed very mild hearing loss at low frequencies and NORMAL HEARING for the other frequencies in his left ear. Dr. L's mind was blown. He kept repeating how incredible, fantastic and mind-blowing this outcome is. He said that he NEVER thought things would turn out this way. Back in January Elijah's footplate in his left ear was cracked in half and dried up. Dr. L told us to expect complete deafness in that ear for life. This is such a major answer to prayer!

Dan has been saying it all along. Even on that sad day back in January he told me that he knew his hearing would come back. He was right! I am so incredibly thankful and happy about this news. Elijah has enough things that make life challenging for him. I am so relieved that this won't add to his struggles. Thank you thank you thank you, God!

Apparently Elijah should never take up scuba diving or deep-water swimming, so hopefully he doesn't develop an intense desire to try that. We will do another hearing test in January to make sure everything is still looking good!

In other news, I started noticing a few days ago that E has been looking extra tired. He was struggling here at home and I saw some behaviors pop back up that I hadn't seen in a while. He had a tough day at school yesterday and needed a bit of extra attention from his teacher. We'll move his bedtime up a bit for the next few days and hopefully that will help him feel more rested.

We LOVE his teacher. Instead of seeing Elijah as a behavior problem and sending him out of the room, she does her best to help him work through whatever is going on. She told me that she didn't want to make a big deal out of the things that happened yesterday because she knows he's just tired. Wow! There's another answer to prayer!

I have a bunch of cute Sammy-isms that I've been wanting to share, so I'll do that soon!

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Paula Weiss said...

Unbelievable!! ...with God--- BELIEVE IT!! So happy for our Elijah! Thank you Jesus.