Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back from Summer 2015 road trip!

The boys and I are home! We drove 11.5 hours from Louisville today. We made two QUICK stops and we were so happy to be home. We hugged Dan a bunch and the boys ran around and released pent-up energy. We had such a memorable trip, both in Kentucky and North Carolina. I have SO MUCH to report.. about things we did and memories we made and also about things I have realized about Elijah in the past two weeks. 

In a nutshell.. We miss my dad and stepmom and the Karrs so much. We made some unforgettable memories! Elijah, Sammy and I are feeling sad tonight but also happy to be reunited with Dan and to sleep in our own beds.

The boys and Gramps dressed up as cows our first morning in Charlotte to get a free breakfast from Chick-Fil-A. Aren't they cute?!

We have been continuing on a low dose of Straterra for Elijah's anxiety and thankfully, he is still responding well. Overall, he did SO great on vacation. We had a few incidents but nothing catastrophic. While we were at my dad's, E slept in a very dark and cozy walk-in closet and I think that helped him get a few great nights of sleep in a row. Depending on how the next few nights go, I may think about putting a bed together in our closet. Anything to help!

More later! Must sleep!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you are having luck with Strattera. My son was on it for one month and a day for ADHD. The first month we (and he) did not notice a difference. The first day of a dose increase and we saw a super crabby boy. Then - putting two and two together, we realized the whole Strattera month was a super crabby month. It does not look to me like Elijah is crabby - but just wanted to share in case you notice that. It is such a weird side effect that we did not even realize the connection. We can all be crabby sometimes - right? But I found more people on "Patientslikeme.com" that said the same thing. So due to it not seeming to work for the ADHD and the crabbiness, we discontinued it. He was 16 at the time. So, a totally different situation. He seems to have a strange reaction to lots of meds, so that makes things a challenge. Sleeping pills for example can make him stay awake all night singing Jingle Bells loudly in July!